Pokemon Go players slam Niantic following account deletion issues

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Pokemon Go players are calling out developer Niantic after fans who deleted their Peridot account could no longer sign in to their other accounts.

Some Pokemon Go fans may be unaware of this, but developer Niantic has multiple different games they develop alongside the monster-catching mobile game.

For example, Niantic developed Pikmin Bloom, Ingress, and Peridot just to name a few. Players who unify their Niantic account can compile all of their profiles under one name for easier access.

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Unfortunately, this may be causing some unintended problems for the community, as many Pokemon Go players have claimed they can no longer sign into Pokemon Go after deleting their account on Niantic’s new mobile game Peridot.

Pokemon Go fans report issues with account deletion

Multiple different posts have blown up on social media after players claimed they weren’t able to sign into Pokemon Go after deleting their account in Peridot.

Fans originally caught wind of this issue through a tweet from Twitter user @Misipeka619_, which said: “I guess trying to delete my account for @playperidot… it also deleted my Pogo account.” They ended up reaching out to Niantic Support to help with the issue, which was thankfully resolved over time.

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It seems the cause of the issue is Niantic’s unified account system. When making an account for other Niantic games, players have the option to use the same email and Niantic ID, which will essentially link the accounts.

This means that any friends added in Pokemon Go will carry over to games like Peridot, along with other features. Unfortunately, this also appears to have caused some issues for players who have deleted their accounts in one specific game.

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However, according to the Pokemon Go Hub Twitter account, Niantic has claimed that these player reports are “misinformation” and that an investigation is ongoing. This response did not sit too well with many fans.

“How is it misinformation? You’d think that without proper explanation, one can’t claim something as being misinformation, right,” asked one trainer while another wondered, “If it’s misinformation, why is there an investigation?”

Niantic has since issued a response to this issue, claiming that players who were affected didn’t actually have their Pokemon Go account deleted – they just had their login method deleted.

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“Recently, some Peridot Keepers have unlinked their login methods from their Peridot accounts, temporarily removing their ability to log into other games like Pokémon GO,” they explained.

“The Niantic Support team has helped these Keepers & Trainers recover access to their Pokémon GO accounts, and we’ve added a safeguard that will preserve at least one non game-specific login method (e.g. Google, Facebook, or Apple login) for players of multiple Niantic games to prevent additional issues.”

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Niantic has also advised any players having issues with their accounts to reach out to their support team.

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