Pokemon Go players slam new 0.211.0 patch: “Worst update ever”

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Some Pokemon Go players are very unhappy with the latest update, calling it “irritating” and “annoying” and claim it’s littered with bugs which stop them from being able to enjoy the game properly.

Update 0.211.0 released on June 11, and added a new loading screen, moves, badges and more in preparation for Go Fest 2021 which takes place across two days on July 17 and 18.

But apparently, the patch didn’t just bring new content – it also broke things. Players are complaining of issues with Sleep Mode, sound problems, and some features being missing altogether.

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Pokemon Go fans aren’t happy with new update

On the r/PokemonGo subreddit, a post went viral on June 13 after it called out the problems with the latest patch. Titled “this last update is probably one of the worst we’ve ever gotten,” user ‘MaskMaster99’ detailed the issues they’ve been experiencing.

“The raid reward skipping trick no longer works which is pointless as many people don’t care about seeing what they’ve gotten or want to speed things up,” they said. “The ‘A wild ____ appeared’ text is gone which is also pointless. I mean the game functions fine without it. But who asked for this?”

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The user also said that Sleep Mode has been causing them issues and will turn itself on unnecessarily, making it impossible to keep their phone unlocked when driving from PokeStop to PokeStop.

Plenty of players in the comments agreed, such as one fan who wrote, “I’ll agree. Worst update ever. Lagging like crazy, the skipping after the raid and more issues.”

“After the first two Pokémon I see are caught, the lag comes in really badly,” another said. “I have trouble spinning my Pokeball and it either gets stuck or feels like it’s released weakly when tossed, not to mention huge overall framerate drops…”

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One user even claimed that the game is lagging so bad, they’re having problems when throwing Curveballs: “So I’m not the only one who can’t properly rotate balls before curve-throwing them? It’s not always the case, but very often and it’s very irritating.”

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Some players are frustrated.

Niantic have been known to take player feedback on board in the past, so the issues could be fixed in a later update. Fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed.

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