Pokemon Go players slam Hoenn Tour as the “worst event ever”

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Pokemon Go players have never been shy about voicing their frustration over the game, and now they’ve labeled the Hoenn Tour event the worst ever.

It feels like the hits never end for Niantic and Pokemon Go. Whether it’s a storm of bugs and glitches or negative reception to big changes, the company is nearly always at the center of fans’ online ire.

That has come to a head with February’s Hoenn Tour event, which received an even heavier dose of criticism than usual, and one fan is ready to throw in the towel on anything that’s not Go Fest if the team doesn’t make some major changes.

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Pokemon Go trainers label Hoenn Tour the “worst event ever”

The aforementioned player called out low shiny spawn rates and a general lack of content as the crux of the problem and it didn’t take long for others to join in.

“This event might actually be the worst event that tops buggier events like Go Fest 2017. There was literally nothing to do after the first rotation of habitats except raid and yet you need a team of 10-15 to beat the Primals that likely will run from you.

“The shiny rate even for the boosted spawns were so low it may as well have been full odds hunting. If keep making the Tour events in this format from this point onward I WILL skip and just do Go Fest.”

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Other fans echoed this sentiment, with one suggesting that the raids that made up much of the content, could have been massively improved by upping the invitable player limit to 10.

Someone else remarked that Niantic’s slow pivot away from Remote Raids makes things more “ridiculous” as much of the United States is still locked into winter weather.

As we previously wrote, many players shared stories about traversing the cold for minimal reward, with some having to dash between buildings strategically to avoid harsh winds.

Niantic has yet to respond to these complaints, but fans are clearly unhappy with the way things unfolded.

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