Pokemon Go players slam excessive Gothita & Glameow Fashion Week spawns

Two Gothita next to the Pokemon Go logoNiantic

Fashion Week has returned to Pokemon Go which means players have a chance to catch a few of the exclusive costumed Pokemon they might have missed last year. Still, trainers are frustrated with the amount of normal Gothita and Glameow seemingly spawning far too often.

Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2022 sees the return of some of the community’s favorite costumed Pokemon. Kirlia wearing a hat, Blitzle wearing a collar, and Butterfree with a bow are all featured during the event.

A few new costumed Pokemon have quickly become fan favorites, including Absol wearing sunglasses and Diglett wearing a bowler hat. And the best part is that all of the costumed Pokemon can be Shiny making these prized creatures for some trainers.

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But sadly, the Pokemon Go Fashion Week exclusive spawns are seemingly being overtaken by other, less rare spawns. And the community has taken notice, slamming the number of Gothita and Glameow they encounter compared to any Pokemon wearing a costume.

Gothita against a Psychic type background in Pokemon GoNiantic

Gothita and Glameow take over Pokemon Go Fashion Week

Reddit user TerraTF took to the TheSilphRoad subreddit to address the abundance of Gothita they have encountered. They stated, “Fashion Week 2022 feels like an extended Gothita Community Day”.

Terra explained that they frequently open the game to see 4-5 spawns, and all too often they all end up being Gothita. “I’ve seen maybe 5-6 Mareanie, around 15-20 Furfrou, a handful of Butterfree, Kirlia, and Absol, and just a ton of Gothita.”

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While Gothita can be evolved into the competitively viable Gothitelle, it can’t be Shiny. So, this has led to players getting frustrated with precious Shiny check spawns being taken by Gothita.

But Gothita isn’t the only culprit of overpopulation. Players took to the comments of Terra’s post to air their complaints about Glameow as well.

“Glameow has just spawned in the comments”, one user stated, while another added, “Gothita or Glameow is all I get.”

Luckily, Glameow can appear Shiny, so it isn’t bothering fans as much as Gothorita. However, with only a short time period to Shiny hunt costumed Pokemon, it’s easy to see why players aren’t happy with run-of-the-mill spawns.

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