Pokemon Go players send perfect Christmas gift to couple who met in-game

Connor Knudsen
pokemon go christmas
Niantic, The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players rallied together to send one couple, who met through the game, a perfect Christmas gift to commemorate their shared love.

Pokemon Go has achieved what few other games have in transporting and connecting players from all over the world with others who share a common interest.

The game has made friendships, bred an online community, and has even led to some couples falling in love.

One such love story had a sweet, holiday moment that bought one couple together with the greater Pokemon Go community.

Pokemon Go couple get perfect Christmas gift

pokemon go gifts
‘Tis the season for giving gifts, both in the game and outside it!

One couple shared their story of how they met through Pokemon Go to the game’s official subreddit, which is wholesome all on its own.

Not only that, but they also received a perfect holiday gift from some other players to celebrate the moment they met in-game.

The post of the gift absolutely blew up, receiving over 30 endorsements and getting over 6,000 upvotes. A perfect Christmas gift to celebrate love and Pokemon Go.

The post reads: “One of my friends got married and met his wife while playing Pokemon Go, so a group of friends got their Avatar meeting as a gift for them” and depicts an amazing piece of art of the two coming together, presumed favorite Pokemon in toe.

The beautiful story prompted others in the thread to share their own romantic encounters on the app, showing just how many people have made meaningful connections through this game.

“I met my soon-to-be-husband playing Pokémon Go as well. I’m going to put a Team Instinct pin on my garter,” wrote just one of the many on the thread.

Whether or not you find love of your own on Pokemon Go, hopefully, this wholesome story of a supportive community and two love birds can provide you some Christmas cheer this holiday season!