Pokemon Go players refuse to evolve Cosmog when Cosmeom, Lunala, and Solgaleo release

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When Pokemon Go players were asked which Legendary they would evolve their Cosmog into, a wave of trainers claimed they would never evolve their Nebby.

Pokemon Go’s Season of Light started off pretty strong introducing new psychic Pokemon, an interesting storyline, and plenty of terrifying Ultra Beasts.

And as was expected, a new line of Special Research tasks kicked off the season offering all players some free goodies. One of which was the Legendary space baby Cosmog.

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Players instantly fell in love with the galactic cloud baby known as Cosmog, many naming their own ‘Nebby’ after the Cosmog featured in Pokemon Sun & Moon. And as players of the Gen 7 titles know, Cosmog will eventually evolve into Cosmeom which can then evolve into one of the games’ box Legendaries: Lunala or Solgaleo.

Pokemon Go players won’t evolve their Cosmogs

Pokemon Go players can’t evolve their Cosmogs yet, but they will likely be able to as the Season of Light continues. But before then, Reddit user Orcasareglorious asked their fellow trainers which Legendary they would be choosing when the time comes.

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Instead of players bickering in the comments over whether Lunala or Solgaleo is the dominant evolution, a surprising number of trainers stated they wouldn’t be evolving their Cosmog.

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“Nebby is going to stay in the bag,” user Inocain stated, a reference to Sun & Moon’s storyline. Another stated, “None because my Cosmog is a 10/10/10 lol.”

While some trainers refused to evolve Cosmog because of how “perfect” it is, others made the same choice but for the opposite reason.

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TheJacketPotato commented, “My cosmog is trash so I might leave it as a cosmog.” Another trainer echoed this sentiment a bit louder replying, “NEITHER BECAUSE MY COSMOG IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!!”

Currently, this free quest line is the only way to get a Cosmog, and it may remain the only way unless the star baby appears in raids. But to be safe, players might want to hold onto their Cosmogs and opt for getting Solgaleo and Lunala through raids.

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