Pokemon Go players prepare for walkout over Niantic changes

Pokeballs in Pokemon GoNiantic

As Niantic continues to make changes to Pokemon Go’s quality of life systems, fans of the popular mobile game are staging another walkout in response.

Since its debut in 2016, Pokemon Go has undergone quite a few changes with new Pokemon, Raids, Mega Evolutions, and the Battle League implementation.

At the onset of Covid-19, Niantic even introduced player-friendly changes, helping them continue to play the game while the world was advised to stay in the house.

Since then, Niantic has been reversing these progressive changes, such as removing Raid passes from Event Boxes, and angering its fans. So much so that a litany of Pokemon Go players are staging a walkout in protest of the game’s multitude of quality of life reversals.

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Pokemon in Pokemon Go Niantic
Niantic has had a relatively tough go at it with their community since rolling back the Covid-era changes.

Pokemon Go players stage walkouts to protest the game’s changes

Posted by Redditor HayKd, the Pokemon trainer created a discussion on Pokemon Go’s discussion with the caption: “I think its time we bring this back.”

Attached to the resistant-like caption was a picture with a graphic that reads “Pokemon NO Day,” dated Monday, May 30th, 2022. Further elaborating on the post, HayKd explained that Niantic “has trended three times on Twitter, and they’re still ignoring us.”

The player also takes the time to mention that Niantic has failed to improve their game and that they have made the gameplay worse by taking away all of their previous Covid-era quality of life improvements

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One person asked the Redditor about the walkout date, and they responded: “we don’t have any major events coming up; we can do the walkout on, so I picked a Monday.”

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the aftermath of the Pokemon Go walkouts and whether or not the event will grab the attention of Niantic.

This Reddit post comes on the heels of HayK’s initial May 20, 2022 Twitter post that saw them running down the exact changes that Niantic has made that have been in direct opposition to the progressive quality of changes that were once in place for players.

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The community is fed up with what Niantic has done with their mobile game as of late, so hopefully, there will be some resolution between the two parties.