Pokemon Go players praise Jirachi Masterwork Research for taking months to complete


The Special Research tasks for Pokemon Go’s Jirachi Masterwork questline have been revealed, and players are stoked with how challenging and time-consuming they are.

Niantic releases several Special Research questlines throughout the year – some paid and some free – that range from laughably easy to incredibly challenging. And the hardest of the bunch have recently been given a special title: Masterwork Research.

Masterwork Research is obtained via a paid ticket that accompanies the annual Go Tour events. And these also feature scarce species of Pokemon that is not easy to obtain elsewhere in Pokemon Go or the main series games.

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As such, Pokemon Go has made a habit of making Masterwork Research take months (or even years) to accomplish. Players must spin hundreds of Pokestops, capture thousands of Pokemon and complete waves of time-consuming tasks with an immense payoff at the end.

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Pokemon Go players love difficulty of Jirachi Masterworks

You may think players wouldn’t like these seemingly arduous tasks, but the reception has been quite the opposite. Players on the TheSilphRoad subreddit are praising Niantic for releasing another Masterwork Research they can work toward for months.

User Razzspoons commented, “I’m so glad this looks like it might take some time. Really enjoy making progress on them and seeing the (admittedly slow) progress.”

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Another user named leemifsud stated, “These research quests that take months are one of my favorite things about the game.”

The general consensus among the 300+ comments was that these difficult challenges add depth to the game that isn’t usually present. Especially for players who have already reached level 50, as the level 40+ challenges are some of the only research tasks that can rival the difficulty of Masterworks.

But the rewards at the end of the research make the long journey worth the effort. Shiny Mew hasn’t been legitimately obtainable since 2005, Masterwork Apex is the only way to obtain Apex Lugio/Ho-oh, and Shiny Jirachi can only be obtained via a convoluted hunting method involving a Pokemon bonus disc for the Gamecube.

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Masterwork Research offers players a way to obtain these incredibly rare creatures, and Pokemon Go players don’t seem to mind the effort required.