Pokemon Go players plagued by Facebook login error during GO Fest Seattle

A poster for Pokemon Go Fest SeattleNiantic

Pokemon Go Fest Seattle 2022 promises a weekend full of exciting gameplay in Washington, but a login error for Facebook users wrought an untimely plague during the event.

In addition to the annual global Go Fest, Pokemon Go holds several city-specific events around the globe. And this weekend, July 22- 24, is Pokemon Go Fest Seattle.

Residents of Washington and those who choose to travel can enjoy an exclusive three-day event for $25. From 9 AM to 7 PM, players can catch special Pokemon while exploring designated areas around Seattle. However, players can only participate for one out of the three days as per Niantic’s rules.

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And with that in mind, the first group of Pokemon Go Fest Seattle participants got off to a rough start. Those who use Facebook to log in to the Pokemon Go app were not able to access the game due to an untimely error.

Pokemon Go Fest Facebook error

Multiple people reported the error on the r/pokemongo subreddit stating they weren’t able to log in. The common thread was that each player uses their Facebook account to log in. Players who use other methods of logging in were not affected.

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The error message read “App not active: This app is not accessible right now and the app developer is aware of the issue. You will be able to log in when the app is reactivated.”

A large number of players also reported that this was happening while they were at Go Fest Seattle which cost them valuable playtime. It wouldn’t be until two hours into the event that the issue would be resolved.

Pokemon Go resolves issue, offers compensation

Niantic would later tweet that the issue had been resolved and thanked players for their patience. They also advised that players add additional login methods to their accounts to avoid issues like this in the future.

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And seeing as those affected missed a fair chunk of playtime, Pokemon Go offered a few bonuses for Friday Ticket Holders. All Friday Pokémon GO Fest: Seattle ticket holders will receive the following:

  • Tonight, July 22nd, the city event experience will be available for two extra hours from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. PT
  • A bonus city session from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PT will be available tomorrow, Saturday, July 23rd throughout Seattle
  • A free bundle will be available in the in-app Shop, containing 1 Star Piece, 1 Lucky Egg, and 1 Super Incubator

So, while Go Fest Seattle did get off to a rocky start, it’s nice to see Niantic attempting to make things right. Hopefully, these extended play hours will suffice for the time Friday ticket holders lost.

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