Pokemon Go players now convinced Event Boxes will be removed

David Purcell

Pokemon Go players have been left frustrated by the game’s Event Boxes in recent times, and now many are convinced Niantic are planning to scrap them altogether. 

Event Boxes can be purchased in the mobile game using PokeCoins, its own online currency. 100 PokeCoins, for context, will set players back $0.99 if they wish to add them to their wallet.

Increasingly, there have been frustrations about the contents of these Event Boxes, with many arguing that even the Free Boxes include better content these days.

The decision to remove Remote Raid Passes from these has proved controversial, and despite offering three Super Incubators in Event Boxes soon after, the latest set of rewards in the bundle leave much to be desired.

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Some players have joked the value of the PokeCoin might have crashed, so their spending power has decreased. Really, the rewards have just changed.

Pokemon Go Event Box rewards slammed

On July 4, one player posted a screenshot of the daily Event Box, priced at one PokeCoin.

Inside, they found a Fast TM and a Poffin – which represents a serious downgrade when compared to the Super Incubators of the past, which help hatch eggs.

While the diminishing quality of Event Box rewards has turned some fans away, others are now thinking more positively about the changes.

The argument advanced by many Pokemon Go players now is that the less worthwhile they are to buy, the fewer people will buy them – and that could see them removed eventually.

Pokemon Go players react

Pokemon GO TCG Event Collection Challenges
Pokemon Go players think these Boxes won’t be around much longer.

It appears now that these boxes are featuring less attractive items than previously, members of the community now suspect Niantic will remove them in a future update.

One said: “I feel like they are going to drop the boxes entirely eventually.” Another said: “Yeah, the current box is only their attempt at not causing to much backlash for taking the free remote pass from the box. They’ll just fizzle it out until they can say “we heard the community, and as no one is buying this box so we’re going to stop offering it.'”

A third player added: “My guess is they’re slowly trying to phase out the one coin box.”

Referencing the current global problem with the rising cost of living, one user said: “Inflation has hit Pokemon Go hard.”

There has been no confirmation or indication, however, that Niantic intends to make such a change regarding Event Boxes in the near future. While it looks like a hunch is forming between players, only time will tell if their theory holds water.