Pokemon Go players meme Niantic’s message after Go Fest failure

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Go Fest
Unsplash: @bahnijitb/Niantic

Pokemon Go trainers around the world have taken to Reddit to ‘meme’ Niantic’s message about their “successful” Go Fest 2022 after experiencing issues throughout the event.

Just after the beginning Season of GO, Niantic launched GO Fest 2022, a two-day event that allowed trainers from all over the world to catch their favorite Pokemon. It even introduced a few new creatures, like Nihilego, an Ultra Beast from Gen 7.

However, interest quickly faltered as fans began calling the event a “scam” for the horrible shiny RNG, and even going as far as describing it as “dreadful” after the second day was over.

Now trainers have taken it a step further, turning Niantic’s “successful” Go Fest 2022 blog post into a meme — bashing the company in the process.

Trainers turn Niantics message into a meme

On June 8, Trainers took to the PokemonGo subreddit to express their thoughts regarding Niantic’s message about Go Fest.

Redditor furretrulezz98 posted a screenshot of the in-game alert with the caption: “WHAT. I’m sorry. WHAT.”

Fans quickly took to the comments to express their thoughts on the message, with the majority of them mentioning Niantic in a bad light. With almost 300 comments, players have made it clear once again that they are not happy with the way the event was handled.

User TehWildMan_ mentioned that it was “successful… for Niantic.” During Go Fest 2022, it was reported that the company behind Pokemon Go had surpassed six billion dollars in revenue.

Another user agreed that it was successful for the company in their comment. They also went into detail as to why they think why.

“It was successful for them: they tripled the ticket price from what it was last year, massively reduced the shiny rate and the variety of Pokémon available, made use about 16 incense that we module bought only to add a bug that made half or of the spawn run away, and only gave us free daily passes that had to be used during the event or they’re gone,” they explained.

Tropius and Torkoal in Pokemon Go Fest 2022
Torkoal and Tropius are two of the Pokemon that were spotlighted this year.

It’s clear that Niantic has not been making players happy lately. On top of the issues with Go Fest 2022, trainers have begun talks about potentially organizing another walkout from the game.

Some even believe that the company had their chance to revive interest in the game with Season Of Alola, but were let down with the results.