Pokemon Go players left confused after finding Kartana in-game

pokemon kartana anime header imageThe Pokemon Company

More Ultra Beasts have made their way into Pokemon Go recently, but Kartana has left some trainers stunned after finding it in the wild.

Pokemon Go’s next event starting on September 16, 2022, called Test Your Mettle is all about Steel-type Pokemon.

Notably, Pokemon fans got early glimpses of some strong Steel-type Ultra Beasts, in both Celesteela and Kartana.

However, Kartana in particular has left some trainers stunned once they stumbled upon it in the wild thanks to its size.

Pokemon Go players confused by Kartana’s size

A Reddit post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained a ton of traction after user Jonteiz asked: “Who else thought that Kartana would be bigger?”

Evidently, many trainers never realized that Kartana is around the size of many first-stage evolutions and Baby Pokemon, like Caterpie, Pichu, Eevee, and Magnemite.

“As someone who skipped Gen VII, yes. I was kind of annoyed when confronted with the Zubat-sized thing,” said user jormundgand20.

Another trainer claimed “for a second I thought my game bugged,” clearly expecting another towering Ultra Beast like Celesteela.

Of course, other trainers knew about Kartana’s tiny frame and cited where they’d first seen the Ultra Beast in the Pokemon franchise.

“In the anime it is literally so small you can’t see it unless you pay close attention,” said user malexb2003.

Other players mentioned they knew Kartana would be small but didn’t expect it would be so hard to catch in Pokemon Go.

“Honestly what surprised me was just how far away it was when catching. I failed the first one because I just couldn’t get good throws on the tiny circle,” said Gamserondapokemans.

Despite its small size, Kartana is still an Ultra Beast and packs quite the punch; so players in the Northern Hemisphere should do their best to defeat Kartana in a 5-Star Raid Battle for the chance to add it to their Pokemon Go collection.