Pokemon Go players gush over “landscape mode” glitch

pokemon go pokestop headerNiantic

Pokemon Go players are prepared to encounter a number of glitches while playing the mobile game, but a newly found “landscape mode” glitch seems more like a missing feature than a bug.

Pokemon Go is host to a slew of strange glitches and bugs. Players have watched the Team Leaders turn into stretched-out nightmares after an update, found Pokemon sporting the wrong textures, and have even recently stumbled into Gym stadiums covered in eyeballs. These bugs don’t usually impact gameplay and are fairly easy to fix.

However, there are a few different bugs that have offered players a look at possible features that could benefit the game. One of these is the “landscape mode” glitch that allows players to continue using Pokemon Go while their device is held horizontally.

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Fans are intrigued by the glitch and have even attempted to replicate it on their own games. Some have also taken to social media to express just how much they love the accidental “feature”.

Pokemon Go fans are loving the glitch landscape mode

In a Twitter post by MattyA94x, the player shares a short video of their game in the “landscape mode” glitch. The post reads: “Well that was unexpected surprise got the Landscape mode glitch randomly on my phone while playing pretty cool!”.

In the video, players can see the benefits of the bugged perspective change. Instead of being limited to a vertical view of the GPS map, the area surrounding the player’s avatar is easy to view. This makes spotting wild Pokemon, PokeStops, and Gyms easier than when playing without the glitch. The only downside seems to be when catching Pokemon, as there is a much smaller area on the screen to use when throwing PokeBalls.

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Fans in the comments are also loving the glitch, with one stating, “Omg that’s so cool” and another adding, “I hate how it oddly looks better”.

With how popular the bug has been, it is possible Niantic could choose to add a proper landscape mode in future updates. However, for the time being, players will have to encounter it as a glitch in order to try it out.