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Pokemon GO players given cake by neighbor who called the police on them

Published: 19/Apr/2020 1:13

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon GO players were enjoying the mobile game from the safety of their car when a neighbor called the police on them. The Trainers then received a Nintendo-themed cake as an apology.

Pokemon GO took the world by storm in 2016, as the augmented reality title had players from around the world leaving their house to catch their favorite characters outside.


However a mother and daughter playing the Nintendo game were interrupted during their session after a neighbor suspicious of their activities actually called the police on them.

Twitter: @PokemonGoApp / Niantic
The 2016 Pokemon mobile game became a cultural phenomena.

Pokemon GO apology cake

The story was picked up when Minnesota resident Amy Kellems made a post on social media explaining the whole ordeal. The mother decided to hop in the car with her daughter and play the Pokemon title, but were later confronted by police in her own driveway.


“Kylie and I were pulled over in the driveway the other day “for multiple calls” about a suspicious car pulling over a lot in the neighborhood. After explaining to the officer that I do in fact live here, he let me go,” she wrote.

However the story doesn’t end there. According to Kellems, the neighbor who had called the police saw her social media post, and dropped off a Pokemon-themed cake with the words “Sorry we called the cops on you” written on it. The Trainer posted a picture of the dessert online.

Facebook: Amy Kellems
The neighbor sent a cake to apologize.

The post went viral and at the time of writing has over 17k likes and 5.3k comments. While the mom seems to have found the humor in it, she also admitted, “This was not the first time this has happened to us.”


While Pokemon has long been a family-friendly experience, the mobile game’s mash-up with the real world can lead to some pretty dicey situations. Thankfully, this incident ended with a cake, and it seemed the neighbor was genuinely sorry.


Pokemon Go Halloween update: Start date, Galar Region teasers, Runerigus

Published: 19/Oct/2020 14:04

by David Purcell


Excitement is building for the Pokemon Go Halloween 2020 event, with players wondering which species will be the headliner and what potential changes will be in the works for the mobile game. 

One thing is for certain, this year’s spooky season is going to be a little different for everyone.


We may not see as many children on the streets, or people dressed up to celebrate the holiday, but it’s really a time for developers of video games to push the boat out for those reasons.

If you weren’t expecting much from Pokemon Go this year, think again. The teasers are already rolling out, so let’s take a look at everything we know so far.

Pokemon Go August event
Pokemon Company
Pokemon G last received its big update for the beginning of August. So, what’s next?

When is the Pokemon Go Halloween update coming out?

Pokemon Go always goes big for the Halloween event. This year, it’s expected to start up sometime in the last week of October. 

Last year, developers kicked off proceedings on October 17, which was a Thursday, so we should expect to see a similar timeline followed this time around. Once we have official confirmation, we will update this article.

Pokemon Go Halloween teaser

On October 18, Pokemon Go on Twitter revealed a big teaser for the event.


Yamask, which evolves into Runerigus in the Galar Region, features in a short promo video, emerging from the smoke.

Now, it’s unclear as to how this will affect the event this year, but it could be one of the featured ‘mons – for sure.

Interestingly Galarian Yamask has been found in datamines, which are discussed more below. That, in turn, could also mean its evolved form has a big part to play in the festivities.


October Research Breakthrough encounter

Between October 1 and November 1, Shedninja will be available as the October Research Breakthrough encounter in Pokemon Go.

Shedninja Pokemon Go
Shedninja features in the spooky month’s research encounter.

October Legendary Raid Boss schedule

Three Legendary Raid Bosses were confirmed for October, though some have already been and gone.


In a blog post, referencing further additions to the list, Niantic said: “Stay tuned for details about a special Raid Boss that’ll be available to challenge during our Halloween event! Each week in October, there’ll be a Raid Hour event on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. local time featuring that week’s Legendary Raid Boss in five-star raids.”

  • Zapdos in five-star raids: Friday, September 25 (1PM) to Friday, October 2 (1PM. PDT (GMT −7).
  • Moltres in five-star raids: Friday, October 2 (1PM) to Friday, October 9 (1PM. PDT (GMT −7).
  • Origin Form Girantina: Friday, October 9 (1PM) to Friday, October 23 (1PM PDT (GMT −7).

Presumably there “special” Raid Boss will feature after October 23. Here’s which Pokemon we think this exciting new Raid Boss could be.

Pokemon Go Halloween leaks

There have been a few details revealed ahead of schedule by data miners, such as martycochrane on Reddit.

The leaker has been searching far and wide in the game’s data files for Halloween clues, and finally they have found a few big clues.

In their October 16 post, they stated the following had been found:

Galarian Ponyta
Pokemon Company
Galarian Ponyta is one of many Galar Region Pokedex entries mentioned in the leak.


  • New Pokedex Entries

    • Galarian Ponyta

    • Galarian Rapidash

    • Galarian Yanmask

    • Runerigus

  • Spooky pose

  • Halloween Clothing

    • Masks

    • Gengar Onesie

    • Yanmask Top Hat

  • Crown Tundra Clothing

  • Halloween Box Names

  • Halloween Research – A Spooky Message Unmasked

    • Spiritomb (and maybe wild spawns)

    • Galarian Yanmask

  • Grubhub event

Whether or not these features will be coming soon as part of the Halloween content remains to be seen, though a mention of “spooky message” and “spooky pose” would appear to be huge indications of the inevitable.

We shall soon see what content is coming up next, but based on these leaks, it’s going to be a big event this year. We’ll continue to update this article as news breaks, but as of October 19, all details are up to date.