Pokemon Go players furious as Marill Limited Research tasks ‘reset’ after early start

Pokemon Go Marill EventNiantic, The Pokemon Company

After the Pokemon Go Marill Limited Research event went live a couple of days early, Niantic have removed it from the game and wiped any progress players made. It’s safe to say they’re not happy. 

As part of the Luminous Legends X event that sees Xerneas finally make its appearance in Pokemon Go, Niantic have introduced the Marill Limited Research event.

The one day Marill extravaganza is set to take off on May 9, and promises to be a paradise for fans of the adorable water/fairy-type.

At least, that was what it supposed to be. However, a mistake on Niantic’s part meant that the event released early, and their method of fixing the problem has left a lot of fans out in the cold.

Pokemon Go marillNiantic
The highly anticipated Pokemon Go event hasn’t quite gone as Niantic planned.

Pokemon Go Marill event starts early

A lot of trainers woke up on April 7 at 8AM to a bit of a shock: the Marill Limited Research event had started early. As players scrambled to start completing the tasks as quickly as they could, they were hit by a bit of a bombshell from Niantic.

The devs tweeted out around 10 minutes after the event went live in BST that “the Limited Research featuring Marill is currently being displayed incorrectly.”

Noting that “the research will be held again on Sunday, May 9, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m local time,” they went on to clarify that “the Limited Research will be reset for any Trainer who made progress or completed it before the event’s official start time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Importantly, players will not lose any Pokemon that they caught.

Fans furious at Marill Limited Research progress wipe

It appears, however, that apologies aren’t enough to settle irritated fans. A look at the comments shows that fans really are not pleased that their progress has been wiped as a result of Niantic’s mistake.

One fan writes “come on Niantic, resetting the research for an error on your part !? I’m sure millions of people have already completed it…”

Another noted that this is “a major feature slip,” and goes on to list all of the places where Niantic should have caught the issue before it went live.

There are other trainers, though, who don’t like the idea that people have been allowed to potentially run the event twice and keep all of the Marills they caught.

Another user said: “Now you give those who completed it an unfair chance for two Marill day researches.”

Echoing this, a trainer posted: “This is unfair…” and states that those who already completed the task “get another chance” to do it.

Either way, Niantic hasn’t quite managed to satisfy Pokemon Go’s player base in their response. While some fans may be hoping for a u-turn, that looks very unlikely as the event is set to re-launch as planned on May 9.