Pokemon Go players frustrated by Pokeball ‘nerf’ ahead of Kanto Tour

Published: 17/Feb/2021 15:45 Updated: 18/Feb/2021 13:50

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go players have expressed their frustration as the game appears to have “nerfed” Pokeballs ahead of the upcoming Kanto Tour event.

As the iconic Pokemon franchise prepares to mark its 25th anniversary, Niantic are running a Kanto Tour celebration event on February 20, 2021, which will feature plenty of chances to catch favorite creatures from the Gen 1 region, including Shiny Ditto for the first time.

Trainers have been busy preparing for the one-day event, as they want to get the most out of it. For many, this means stocking up on Pokeballs so they don’t run short on the day – but some people have been finding it very difficult to get their hands on them.

Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Trainers are struggling to get Pokeballs ahead of the Kanto Tour.

The main way for trainers to find Pokeballs has always been walking to Pokestops that appear at various landmarks on the real-world map. But with many countries advising citizens to stay home right now, that’s not really an option.

As a result, a lot of trainers have turned to gifts instead. These are in-game presents that can be shared between Pokemon Go players for free, and usually include a variety of items including Pokeballs, berries, and healing items.

But, as pointed out in a popular Reddit thread by user Benster404, gifts don’t seem to be giving many Pokeballs right now – if any at all – and many players have been left feeling like buying them from the in-game shop is the only way to get them.

How I feel when they nerf Pokéballs in gifts when I can’t go outside – Just in time for the Kanto Tour too from pokemongo

“Why does this game not want me to play it? I’ve run out of Pokeballs consistently over three days just playing it as I used to normally,” wrote one frustrated gamer, while another added, “They definitely nerfed them just now. Opened a ton of gifts and very few balls.”

A third explained: “Legit had a stretch where I had about only 10 great balls for over a week straight. Couldn’t go out much and was getting like 5 balls a day (on a good day) from gifts.”

It’s likely that players have been experiencing a lack of Pokeballs because the Valentine’s Day event, which runs from February 14 to February 18, features an increased chance of getting berries in gifts instead of Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go Valentines Day promotional wallpaper featuring Musharna.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Valentine’s Day event replaced Pokeballs with berries in gifts.

This has meant that many Pokemon Go players have found themselves running low on Pokeballs, which is causing frustration as the upcoming Kanto Tour event is going to be a busy day for catching iconic Gen 1 ‘mon.

Some even took to Twitter to directly ask Niantic for help with this problem, with one player writing: “With the Kanto ticket this weekend and you limiting the ways to stock up on Pokeballs it is starting to look like you’re actively trying to rip off your player base.”

Not everyone has experienced the same problem, though. Others joked that it feels like the game nerfs whichever item you currently need, whether that’s a revive or potions or berries, and a few well-prepared trainers had plenty of Pokeballs stocked up from previous weeks.

While the Kanto Tour event only lasts one day, Niantic have since announced that a free Kanto-themed event will run until February 27, meaning players will hopefully have enough time to ready up all the Pokeballs they need by then.


Bronze Overwatch streamer explains how he climbed to Grandmaster

Published: 23/Feb/2021 19:29

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch Twitch streamer Asa has been playing the game since all the way back in Season 4 where he began his journey down in Bronze. Despite placing so far down the rank totem pole, he managed to eventually reach GM, but how?

Ranking up in Overwatch can be a serious grind. After playing five placement games on a desired role, the game will put you in a skill rating tier ranging all the way Bronze to Master with players then having to win to reach Grandmaster.

This grind can take a long time, however. Wins earn players around 20 SR, so the journey from say a 2,500 Platinum Rank to 3,500 Master can take many matches.

For Asa, he first began with only 800 SR, but over time, he managed to climb through multiple ranks to reach the highest peak he’s at today with 4,018.

Speaking to Dexerto, the 16-year-old explained how he managed to pull it off and the challenges he faced along the way.

One major problem he had to overcome was hardware limitations. “The hardware I used was awful. Dealing with an awful setup was the main thing that held me back,” he explained.

“Hardware improvement was a very gradual process, and although it helps, it doesn’t define a player,” he added. “You can play on 60fps with a $10 mouse and be better than someone with a decked out setup.”

Hanzo looks on shocked
Blizzard Entertainment
Going from Bronze to GM is an impressive feat.

According to Asa, his biggest improvement method came from playing in an organized setting and joining a team. “I found coaching there and over the years it has shaped me as a player the most out of anything. I highly recommend looking into organized teamplay if you’re trying to improve because it truly is an incredible source for learning.”

Despite going from Bronze to Gold in just two seasons, he did face some difficulties in Platinum and Diamond before eventually breaking through to reach Masters and Grandmaster four seasons later.

That all said, the Canadian believes the best way for anyone stuck in low ELOs to “realize that you’re no better than your teammates and you deserve the rank you have.”

Sombra activates EMP on Lijang Control Center
Blizzard Entertainment
Ranking up can be a serious grind.

“A lot of players in all ranks struggle with ego, and I used to as well. The only true way to climb is to understand what level you’re at and working hard at trying to improve. It’s a pretty simple formula: you get better than the people at your rank, you win more games. Simple as that,” the streamer stated.

For anyone currently stuck in ELO hell, following in Asa’s footsteps could be as simple as setting your ego aside and focusing on yourself. After all, if he can do it, what’s stopping you?