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Pokemon Go players divided over “poor” Community Day Ticket value

Published: 8/Mar/2021 19:53

by Brent Koepp


Following Pokemon Go’s March Fletchling Community Day on March 6, some players are now questioning whether paid Ticket events are worth it.

Once a month, Niantic holds a Community Day in Go to highlight a single Pokemon. The mobile title also offers optional paid Research which gives Trainers additional tasks and rewards during the limited-time celebration.

A player went viral after March’s event when they created a chart demonstrating how much the purchasable content has changed over the past year. Fans were left divided as to whether buying a ticket for the bonus is worth it anymore.

Screenshot of Fletchling Pokemon Go community day.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Some Pokemon fans are not happy about March 2021’s Community Day paid ticket value.

Has Pokemon Go’s Community Day value gone down?

A few days after the March Community Day, a post on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit blew up after Go player ‘lewymd’ created a chart to demonstrate the difference between past paid Ticket content and current ones in 2021.


“A look into the recent change of value provided by the Community Day Ticket,” the user said, before detailing the content offered during previous events compared to Fletchling’s recent celebration event.

Using how much items cost in the store, the fan pointed out that the latest Community Day only had rewards worth up to 200 Pokecoins, compared to previous events which were valued at around 420. While the conversion of real-world money to Go’s currency isn’t one-for-one, the 220 point difference caused many to question whether Tickets were still worth it.

A look into the recent change of value provided by the Community Day Ticket from TheSilphRoad

“If I knew beforehand the rewards were like this I wouldn’t have bought it. I won’t be buying it next time, if it’s like this, the stardust amount is ridiculous,” a fan wrote in reaction to the chart. Another agreed and replied, “Won’t be buying it again without checking first. If it’s anywhere as poor as this, I won’t be buying at all.”


The topic creator who made the post further added, “it feels like Niantic decided to experiment with tickets in 2021 to see how much they can remove before people stop buying it.”

Screenshot of Pokemon Go players reacting to Community Day changes.

While many argued they felt the value had gone downhill, not everyone was entirely convinced. “Maybe. It really depends on the person,” a fan pointed out. Another explained why they would still be buying Tickets. “For me it’s completionism. For a dollar, I’ll keep my list of research complete. It doesn’t make their practices right, of course. But they certainly got me.”

Screenshot of Pokemon Go players' reaction to viral Community Day post.

Despite March’s Community Day $0.99 Ticket price, many voiced their frustrations about what they argue is a decline in value for the monthly paid research. Regardless of if you agree or not, the viral post gives an interesting perspective into how much rewards have changed over the past year.


This isn’t the first time that Go fans have been upset about purchasable content in the hit mobile title, either. In December, players were outraged after Niantic revealed a Mr. Mime event that cost $7.99. Clearly, some fans are not happy with the direction the game is going in.