Pokemon Go players divided over “desperate” Ed Sheeran event

ed sheeran in pokemon goNiantic

Pokemon Go will collaborate with Ed Sheeran for a new in-game music event, and it looks like the idea has split the community right down the middle. 

The popular mobile app has had a pretty stacked few months of content with the Season of Mischief.

On November 18, the crossover was confirmed by all involved. The event will run between November 22 to November 30 and include a special performance from the singer, as well as the introduction of new exclusive items.

There will also be an increased spawn rate for water-type Pokemon, meaning it could be the perfect time to scratch off more species on your Pokedex. Squirtle with sunglasses, for example, will be re-released into the wild.

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However, not everybody is pleased with the collab.

Pokemon Go’s Ed Sheeran collab put on blast

On November 18, players took to the Pokemon Go subreddit to voice their frustrations.

One post has been rising up the Reddit page since it was confirmed, stating: “At this point, I can’t tell if Niantic is trolling or desperate to attract other fan bases to the game.

“I expect crappy hat Mon events from them and that I can tolerate but a week of forced Ed Sheeran is a bit much.”

Community divided over Ed Sheeran event

In the post, they did concede, however, that Squirtle Squad’s return was a welcome change. The event itself does appear to have split the community down the middle, though.

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One posted: “Thank God for silent mode,” while another said: “I actively avoid him like the plague. In the UK he is everywhere, there is no escape, and then to find out that he’s taking over the ONE mobile game I actively enjoy playing is just too much. It’s beyond frustrating.”

Some players don’t really feel the same way, hoping that this re-energizes the game as we approach the Holiday season.

The Squirtle SquadThe Pokemon Company
The Squirtle Squad are known troublemakers and they’re coming back to Pokémon Go.

A user said: “I don’t care man. I am getting boosted water starter spawns and since my area rarely spawns water Pokemon. I am really happy. Don’t have to care about concerts or whatever because I have the in-game sound muted. Whatever gets me boosted spawn that I don’t generally get, gets my thumbs up.”

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Another posted: “Ed’s fine, man. He’s talented and it could help grow the game. I like it.”

The event starts on November 22 and ends eight days later. Let’s see how people feel about the Pokemon Go Ed Sheeran event once it’s kicked into gear, but for now… the player base seems split.