Pokemon Go players divided by invasive Ditto during TCG Crossover event

Zackerie Fairfax
Pokemon Go Ditto Updated Disguises

The Pokemon Go x TCG crossover event includes various collection challenges, but players are struggling to finish them due to frequent Ditto appearances.

Ditto is one of the many unique spawns in Pokemon Go thanks to its disguise ability. This allows it to take on the appearance of another Pokemon as well as copy its moves.

In terms of Pokemon Go, this means that a select few Pokemon that spawn are actually a Ditto in disguise. And it’s impossible to tell if the spawn is actually a Ditto until a trainer catches it and it reveals itself.

Usually, finding a Ditto is a welcome surprise – especially for those stuck on specific research tasks. But its frequent appearances during the Pokemon Go x TCG crossover event are dividing players.

The Transform 'mon Ditto in Pokemon Go, who has lots of different disguises

Ditto divides Pokemon Go players

During the Pokemon Go x TCG event, there are six collection challenges players can complete that are themed around the cards in the new TCG expansion. However, a few of the Pokemon in the challenges fall into the group that can secretly be a Ditto.

Attempting to finish a challenge but being met with this purple blob instead has made several players frustrated. A Reddit post from user ty-read-it expresses the anguish of finding a Ditto instead of the desired Pokemon, and plenty of users took to the comments to agree.

“I’ve never been so disappointed finding so many dittos,” one user commented. Another stated, “Three Numels in a row yesterday turned into dittos…”

But there have also been a ton of players who are happy to see so many Ditto. Some players have been waiting months to find a Ditto to complete tasks while others claim “Every ditto surprise brings me joy.”

There are even the lucky few who have reported finding a Shiny Ditto after catching a Bidoof, Spinarak, or Numel. A few players have argued that finding a Shiny is a much better reward than completing a collection challenge.

The TCG crossover event lasts until June 30, so there’s plenty of time for trainers to complete their challenges (and find plenty of Ditto).