Pokemon Go players discover amazing PokeStop that’s literally a meme

. 7 months ago
pokemon go pokestop with doge meme

Pokemon Go players have found some hilarious – and terrifying – PokeStops in Australia over the years, but this one might take the cake. 

The Aussies have a lot of different PokeStops to visit, some of which have a very strange look, such as the famous Nightmare Pikachu ride.

However, a new contender for the “weirdest” location in the Android and iOS app has been identified, in Melbourne.

The post, which has racked up nearly 3,000 upvotes at the time of writing, has sparked the age-old debate about which country has the funniest PokeStop to visit.

nightmare pikachu in pokemon go
Nightmare Pikachu is Australia’s scariest PokeStop, but trainers might have uncovered the funniest.

Hilarious Pokemon Go PokeStop gets people talking

As seen in the image below, uploaded by user Late_Office_2026, the PokeStop is located right next to a mural that shows three cats… all of which are memes.

On the left is the Doge meme, which actually went on to become the face of a growing cryptocurrency, and on the right is good ol’ Grumpy Cat.

The artwork was created by lushsux, the self-professed “best meme artist” in the world, and their wall-sized memes have made headlines across the country previously. This landmark location in PoGo celebrates their work.

The name of the piece has got everybody talking, too: “Bro You Just Painted Cringe Mural.” It also says: “Doge, Grumpy Cat et al.”

After surging up the Pokemon Go subreddit, members of the community have been having some fun with the street art mural in the comments.

One said: “I know Doge and Grumpy cat but who is the middle one a reference to?” To which somebody replied: “Obviously it’s Et Al.”

Another posted: “Surprised he hasn’t turned this one into an NFT yet…”

If there was ever an awards ceremony for the best PokeStop names in Pokemon Go, this artist might walk away with a prize. Until then, you can enjoy their work by going Down Under.

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