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Pokemon Go players demand simple rework to Silver Pinap Berries

Published: 18/Jan/2022 17:58

by Connor Knudsen


Pokemon Go’s Silver Pinap Berries have remained one of the game’s most coveted items. But, some players are demanding a rework to make them a bit more enticing for how rare they truly are.

Niantic’s mobile game, Pokemon Go, continues to be a mainstay in the franchise even six years since its release.

This is, at least in part, due to the constantly rotating seasonal events and the dev’s willingness to make changes and add new things to the game.

Players are now asking for such a change to be made to one of the game’s rarest berries, and people have begun to rally around the simple idea.


Pokemon Go players want Silver Pinap Berries buffed

Pokemon Go Silver Pinap Berry
Silver Pinap Berries are rarer than the standard ones, but their rewards may not reflect that rarity.

For those that may have never been lucky enough to get their hands on one, Silver Pinap Berries improve a Pokemon’s catch chances by 1.8x, alongside multiplying the amount of candy received from the catch by 2.3x.

They are extremely rare and can be obtained through things like Mega Raid Battles or just from leveling up.

But, for as rare as they are, some players want them to do more than they currently do, potentially even providing additional XP.

Members of the Pokemon Go subreddit discussed these changes in the comments of a post that, not even a day old, already near 1,000 upvotes.


Players rally behind XP suggestion

The OP suggests that “Silver Pinap Berries should double the amount of XL candy you get.”

Some in the comments agree, thinking such a change wouldn’t particularly hurt the game’s balancing system for berries.

“It would be nice if they made a change like this. They aren’t particularly that great otherwise, as they’re not too much better than a regular Pinap. It wouldn’t even break the XL system, since Silver Pinaps are so rare, and you’d have to use them when catching a particular pokemon.”

With how much of a grind leveling in Pokemon Go can truly be, a change like this may be just what the game needs to turn a rare item into a real sought-after commodity.