Pokemon Go players demand Scarlet & Violet-style Attack and Defense stats

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Pokemon Go fans have called for Niantic to expand the game’s stat display options similar to those found in the mainline game series.

Many Pokemon Go players have become accustomed to the simplified aspects of Pokemon Go compared to the mainline Pokemon video games.

For example, when it comes to Pokemon stats, Pokemon Go simplifies the breakdown to one number called CP, also known as Combat Power.

However, some have called for Niantic to give trainers the option to see each Pokemon’s full stat breakdown as modern games as the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet do.

Pokemon Go players want major stat display change

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained traction after calling out Niantic for allegedly hiding Pokemon stats from users.

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The caption of the post claimed there is “no way to tell which Pokemon deals more damage” aside from user third-party apps and outside resources. “The numbers are there, why can’t they just show them to players?”

The original poster isn’t wrong, as Pokemon Go actually has hidden values for specific Pokemon stats like Attack and Defense. However, Niantic essentially uses a formula to convert those stats into an easily digestible number in the form of CP.

While CP is helpful at a glance, those who play Pokemon Go competitively apparently want to see more in-depth numbers.

A user named Uunikana gave an example of the downsides of this and said “IVs mean pretty much nothing when you don’t know the base values of stats. 100IV Caterpie will always be inferior to 0IV Rayquaza.”

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Other trainers sounded off in the post’s replies and noted they’ve wanted this change for years. “I don’t think people realize how Pokémon stats actually work. A level 50 perfect attack IV Weedle is still weaker than a level 37 Rampardos with 50% attack IV. There is an actual attack number just like the main series games that is hidden from us.”

While it’s understandable that Niantic may not want trainers to get up in obsessing over numbers, it seems many still want the option to see them — especially since they’re already in the game.