Pokemon Go players demand better communication from Niantic after fan-favorite features go missing

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Pokemon Go players are demanding more direct communication from developer Niantic as more features silently get removed.

Pokemon Go players have been at odds with some of developer Niantic’s decisions for quite some time now.

From controversial decisions like removing free Remote Raid passes and lackluster special events, the community constantly seems fed up with the developer.

Now, fans are calling for more direct communication from Niantic, as trainers find features like Weekly One Coin Boxes disappearing with no warning.

Pokemon Go players want better communication from Niantic

Pokemon Go StardustNiantic
In August of 2022, Niantic quietly disabled the ability to convert gifts to Stardust when trainers’ bags were full.

The call to action comes from TheSilphRoad subreddit, where user SparklinStar1440 noted past examples of changes with no notification from Niantic.

They asked What is with Niantic just removing/changing stuff without telling us?”

In their full post, they cited examples of the free box with 30 ultra balls on Community Day and the Weekly One Coin Box which vanished earlier this week.

They end the post by asking the community if Niantic actually informed the player base of these changes beforehand and if they just missed them or not, to which most replied that they didn’t see or hear Niantic notify them either.

One Reddit user did correct that Niantic “announced the weekly 1 coin boxes as a bonus/feature last season. So it didn’t continue this season, no need to announce that.”

However, they did that other instances of items disappearing without warning did happen.

“The worst thing was they said they’d give a month’s notice for removing the pandemic bonuses like incense effectiveness, but they simply didn’t, at all.”

One trainer actually used Niantic Support to ask about the Weekly One Coin Box removal. “I sent a message to support and the answer was that the premium pass in the breakthrough for the month is the replacement. No communication or anything till I asked…”

Both Niantic and Pokemon Go have official social media accounts and dedicated news blogs, which are often updated with information surrounding upcoming events.

Still, it seems the community wants more from Niantic in terms of communication sooner rather than later.