Pokemon Go players debate the “worst” catches of all time

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Pokemon Go players discuss whether Slakoth is the worst Pokemon to catch ever, as fans share their alternate choices.

Passionate Pokemon fans have continued to be obsessed with catching various pocket monsters over the years, with its slogan of ‘gotta catch ’em all’ still having appeared to ring true.

This has been no different in Pokemon Go, where players have aimed to collect Pokemon for different reasons, such as them being strong, rare, or even just ones they particularly admire.

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However, the mobile game has proven to be a grind, with trainers having to put in countless hours in order to reap these more unlikely catching rewards, and the more common Pokemon caught are considered useless.

Pokemon Go trainers discuss their “worst” catches ever

One player in particular shared their catch on Pokemon Go as they asked the question “Did I just catch literally the worst Pokemon possible?”

It was posted to Reddit, with a screenshot of a Slakoth being caught, as many agreed.

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“It’s one of the most useless Pokemon in the entire universe,” one claimed.

However, the post soon also caused a widespread debate in the community as players soon chimed in to make a case for what they consider the “worst” catch of them all-time.

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“I think technically a 0 Iv ditto might be the worst. It will always have lower stats than the opponent at the same level,” one said.

“I caught a Nundo Houndour the other day, he’s literally all bark and no bite,” another said.

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“I’ve got a Nundo level 1 Magikarp, I’d say we’re tied,” a user said.

The majority of fans focused on how ineffective and weak the Pokemon itself is, as well as its particular condition in having the lowest possible IV combination (0 out of 15 for each stat) when caught, otherwise known as “nundo.”

Others simply desire to collect the rarest Pokemon types and their low possibility shiny variants despite their weakness, with one player even sharing a shiny Pink version of the Slakoth.

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One fan said: “Bro this is like 1/2 million chance for this. I want one so bad. If I get one of these I know I won the game.”

Aside from debates around catching, Pokemon trainers have also found themselves raging over “annoying” Gym players.

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