Pokemon Go players claim Weekly Boxes have hit a new low: “I can’t believe this is real”

Pokemon Go Lure ModuleNiantic

The 1 coin Pokemon Go Weekly Box released on July 18 is being named the worst yet, and it’s so bad that players can’t believe it’s real.

Two months ago, Niantic made the decision to remove the guaranteed Remote Raid pass from the Weekly 1 coin box. Of course, this made players furious.

But the following week, they were pleasantly surprised to see the weekly box contained items far more valuable than a Raid Pass. But skeptical – and maybe even psychic – players claimed that Niantic wouldn’t keep up this level of premium 1 coin boxes.

And right they were. Over the past several weeks, the value of the box has declined with players becoming more disappointed with each passing Monday. But the box released on July 18 is being deemed the worst one so far.

Pokemon Go 1 Coin boxes hit a new low

A week ago, players were a bit torn with the value of the box. It came with a Magnetic Lure Module and an Incense. While players didn’t care much for the module, at least they could encounter a few Pokemon using the incense.

But on the week of the 18th, Niantic removed the Incense and presented a box that objectively had a lower value than the week prior’s. Fans couldn’t believe that the 1 coin box had as little value as it did.

Reddit user davebybab posted a screenshot of the box to the TheSilphRoad subreddit, and it was met with a flurry of furious comments.

“I can’t believe this is true, it feels like a troll post,” stated KostisPas257.

Another user stated, “I appreciate its “180” coins for 1 but that’s just an arbitrary value niantic has put on these things. That is hugely overvalued in many people’s views. Nobody buys these, at least not regularly to justify the price of almost £2.”

Players started questioning this box from a business standpoint, claimed this was Niantic’s way of trying to phase out weekly boxes, and even stated this was the worst box yet.

It might be time to give up whatever hope was left for the Pokemon Go weekly joke box. It was hard to find comments from players who could find a positive side to this week’s offerings, and it likely won’t get any better.