Pokemon Go players can’t stand Team Mystic Leader’s new look

pokemon go blanche

At the start of October, Pokemon Go rolled out new styles for each of the team leaders and Team Mystic fans have been very vocal about their dislike for the new Blanche look.

When players first launch Pokemon Go, they are tasked with choosing which of the three teams they want to be a part of: Mystic, Instinct, or Valor. Each team has its own leader, and like many characters in video games, their style hasn’t changed since the game was released in 2016.

However, on September 30 of 2022, Niantic rolled out new styles for all three team leaders. Following in professor Willow’s footsteps, the leaders’ new looks were met with a mixed reception.

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But none of them were as heavily scrutinized as Team Mystic’s leader Blanche. And a look at the Pokemon Go subreddit will reveal just how widespread the dislike is for the new design.

Pokemon Go players reject the new Blanche

There were several posts made by disgruntled Team Mystic members when the blue team head honcho’s new look was revealed. The consensus ultimately boiled down to players feeling as if Niantic “did Blanche dirty.”

Reddit user CipherXD0 stated they thought the new look was a downgrade. And users in the comments claimed Niantic was trying to sell more of the “Change Team Tokens”.

Lord_Lazerath shared a post including different depictions of Blanche including a beautiful piece of fan art, her official artwork, and the new design. Respectively they labeled them Manga, Anime, and Netflix Adaptation.

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These are just a few of the many posts regarding Team Mystic’s leader. And who knows… maybe Pokemon Go players will be urged to spend 1,000 Pokecoins to distance themselves from the new Blanche.