Pokemon Go players call on Niantic to fix frequent loading screen freezing issue

pokemon go season 10 loading screen headerNiantic

Frustrated Pokemon Go players have reported getting stuck on the game’s loading screen more frequently and have called on Niantic to try and fix the issue.

Like any live-service game, Pokemon Go has its fair share of bugs and glitches that can impact the experience in a variety of different ways.

While some bugs are just harmless visual goofs that may provide a laugh, others can negatively impact players during gameplay leaving many frustrated with the app.

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Now, some trainers have claimed that they’re experiencing repeated instances of the game’s loading screen freezing up completely, and have called on Niantic to implement of fix.

Pokemon Go players frustrated with loading screen freezing

Multiple posts on social media have appeared among the Pokemon Go community on places like the Pokemon Go subreddit, where trainers claimed to be experiencing more frequent instances of the loading screen freezing.

“Does anyone else get this frozen loading screen a lot,” asked one trainer who created a thread on the subreddit, to which many fans replied that they’d experienced the same thing as of late.

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“It has been happening more frequently, recently. It does this often on both my s21 ultra and s22 ultra,” said one trainer, while another claimed the same thing happened with the Pikmin Bloom mobile game, also developed by Niantic.

“It’s not just pogo. It happens with Pikmin as well. It has to be something on Niantic’s side, whether that is something with their servers or the software on the phone I don’t know.”

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However, thanks to a post on TheSilphRoad subreddit, fans know that Niantic is aware of the issue. The Niantic Support Twitter account responded to a tweet on March 27, 2023, where one fan said the loading screen problem was “super common from the last update.”

Niantic’s response did not outright say it was investigating this issue, unfortunately, but that it would notify the development team. With any luck, this ongoing loading screen issue will be resolved in a future update.

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