Pokemon Go players call for Raid button change to make them faster

Pokemon Go Raid counterNiantic

Pokemon Go players on Reddit are calling for a simple Raid button change that would make the special events much faster.

Since the launch of Raids in Pokemon Go, trainers all around the world have gotten together to catch their favorite ‘mon, whether it’s the latest legendary or just shiny hunting Rockruff.

When it comes to the easier Raid battles, fewer people are required to take part in order to defeat the boss Pokemon. However, you’re still required to wait through the two-minute timer before starting the battle.

Trainers on Reddit are now calling for a simple “ready” button to be added to Pokemon Go as a way to get into the battle faster.

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Pokemon Go players want simple Raid button change

On December 6, a Pokemon Go player posted on the official subreddit calling for the ready button to be added to Raids.

“I ran down to the nearest gym, which is a gym and is only 0.7 km away, so it’s very close. But it was horrendous waiting for the raid to start. it was like 3 degrees Fahrenheit and there was some wind…” They explained. “But because of the TWO-minute wait, my hands went purple and they are still cold as I’m writing this.”

With nearly 500 upvotes just hours later, it’s clear that many members of the community want one as well.

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Other Redditors quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the idea.

“This should have been implemented before they even made raids live. But you know Niantic,” one user replied.

Another user mentioned it being more useful when there are less than three people in the raid: “Remove the timer and have a ready vote when less than 3 people are in.”

Niantic did manage to successfully add this feature into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just months before it was discontinued, so it’s possible players may see it added to Pokemon Go in the future.

We’ll have to wait to see what they decide in the future.

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