Pokemon Go players call for change to biggest problem with all Gyms

Reddit logo over a Pokemon Go gymNiantic / Reddit

A recent Reddit post has reignited calls for change to one of the most long-running issues with Pokemon Go, its Gyms.

Throughout the history of Pokemon Go, we have seen many glitches, issues, and frustrations. Most are met with swift changes, allowing players to expand their Pokedex and enjoy the game for all it brings.

However, there are a few elements that Niantic never seem to consider changing and more fans are starting to complain.

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A Reddit poster has highlighted their issue with small-town gyms and how annoying it is when they end up holding your Pokemon until someone takes the gym, which can be months or years in a smaller location. The post quickly gained traction when commenters shared their similar frustrations with the broken Gym system in Pokemon Go.

Poster TheJudgeBle took to Reddit to complain about the problems regarding putting your Pokemon in a Pokemon Go gym that’s located in a relatively small town. He shows how frustrating it can be to put your Pokemon in a gym, only to not see them come back for days on end.

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Other Pokemon fans quickly agreed and discussed how frustrating it was to lose Pokemon to the gyms for days, while still only getting 50 coins. One highlighted the problem with the gyms, wishing “they’d find some compromise because this can be very annoying”.

They went on to explain that one of the biggest flaws surrounding Pokemon sitting in Gyms for a long time is the cap on coins. They proposed “something as simple as earning candies after max coins are reached” which would provide more of an incentive to put Pokemon in smaller Gyms.

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Pokemon go GymsNiantic
Pokemon players are getting beaten out of gyms in minutes or being forced to leave them there for days.

Others complained about the opposite perspective on the matter, with one commenter explaining that for more popular locations “you never get more than 10 minutes in the gym”. This was blamed on both popularity of the location and cheaters who are taking it every time they can.

Essentially, as mentioned by another player, when it comes to putting your Pokemon in a larger gym “you’re booted before anything counts”. When you’re in a smaller gym, the Pokemon just get stuck.

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The discussion prompted players to think of solutions to the issues, highlighting the changes that can be made by Niantic. One of the most popular solutions was to “allow us to recall our Pokemon from gyms” letting you get back the powerful companion and gain some coins.

Ultimately, this problem has been prominent since the game came out and isn’t something Niantic has ever looked at changing. But that doesn’t stop frustration and calls for change crossing the community regularly.

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