Pokemon Go players beg for updates on “boring” Daily Adventure Incense

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Insence Shiny Pidgy EncounterNiantic

Pokemon Go players are no longer excited about the Daily Adventure incense after months of grinding for Galarian Birds. Many are calling for Niantic to introduce new content at a lower difficulty level.

Pokemon Go has been met with mixed feelings by both new and longtime fans over the past year. The mobile app has removed many accessibility features in an attempt to get players outside while also cutting back event timeframes for activities like Community Days.

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Additionally, a few new mechanics have been introduced to the game to balance the changes, leaving many frustrated with Pokemon Go. One of these controversial additions is the Daily Adventure Incense.

While well-received initially by fans as a creative, free activity to use daily, many quickly began to resent the item’s primary purpose – to encounter the Galarian Legendary Birds. The birds only spawn while using the Incense and have a low spawn and catch rate alongside a very high flee rate. After months of failed encounters, players are fed up.

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Pokemon Go fans are bored of Daily Adventure Incense

In a Twitter post by Palz_Go, the player shared an image of a Daily Adventure Incense haul. Above it, the text reads, “First daily incense I’ve done in a long time, surprise surprise no Galar Birds, anyone else just not bothered by the Daily incense anymore?!”

Pokemon Go players in the below the post are just as frustrated, with one commenting, “I have stopped because it’s the dead of winter here so in the spring I’ll probably do it a few times a week. But atm I’m not trudging thru the snow lol” while another adds, “Unbothered, just downright boring”.

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Pal points out that “They should mix it up like the egg pools, so it’s more interesting instead of hunting the same birds that never show up or always run away”, indicating an update from Niantic would help make the Pokemon Go feature more interesting.

Other fans are hopeful the mobile game will update the flee, spawn, and catch rates of the Galarian Legendary Birds, making them more accessible for those looking to encounter them. It is possible more news about the Daily Adventure Incense will be released as the weather warms up, but at this time it is likely the spawns and featured Legendary species will stay the same.

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