Pokemon Go players beg for long-distance trading to share excess Shiny hauls

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Pokemon Go players with excess Shiny species from Community Day events aren’t sure what to do with their hauls, calling on Niantic to add long-distance trading to share their rare catches with those who missed out.

Pokemon Go players are always on the hunt for rare Shiny encounters. Whether it’s a full-odds encounter while out exploring a park or a boosted catch on Community Day, finding Shiny species is one of the most exciting aspects of the mobile app.

However, Pokemon Go players who participate in Community Day events or other celebrations with improved Shiny chances are finding themselves buried in these rare catches. Some dedicated players even bring home over 70 from one day’s worth of gameplay.

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Additionally, while some players are rolling in Shiny Pokemon, others who miss out on Community Day events find themselves without a single Shiny addition to their own collection. Because of this, Pokemon Go fans are calling on Niantic to finally add a long-distance trading feature to the game.

Pokemon Go player downing in Noibats asks what to do with them all

In a Reddit post by _Metaphysical on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the player shows off a screenshot filled with Shiny Noibat from the February 5, 2023, Community Day. The post reads, ‘What do I do with them?”.

Some other trainers offer advice, with one stating, “Save for later and trade with those who missed this event in exchange for other shiny from previous events you missed”, but the original poster responds with “I don’t know anyone that plays in my area”. Unfortunately, this is the case for a large number of Pokemon Go players.

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In response to this, another player comments, “Hopefully one day they will remove trade distances”. The ability to trade over long distances has been one many players have wanted since the game was still new.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely Niantic will implement a long-distance trade option in Pokemon Go, and players will have to decide if it’s worth holding onto their excess Shiny catches or if they should send them off to Professor Willow for extra Candy instead.