Pokemon Go players bash Niantic over “stupid” Fossil Cup challenge

. 16 days ago
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Pokemon Go players are mocking Niantic for allowing advantageous types like Steel and Water-type Pokemon into the supposedly ‘Rock-focused’ Fossil Cup challenge.

Pokemon Go’s Season 11 Battle League is underway, with the third round of events kicking off earlier this week on June 15.

Trainers are currently facing off in the newest set of cups and leagues: the Master League and Fossil cup, which both last from June 15 until June 22.

However, some have started bashing Niantic over the type inclusion for the Fossil Cup, with many wondering why they would allow Steel and Water-type Pokemon to participate at all.

Pokemon Go players bash Fossil Cup rules

Regice in 5-Star Raid Battles in Pokemon Go
Registeel is one of the strongest Steel-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but it’s certainly not a Fossil Pokemon.

The discussion kicked off after a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit began gaining traction, which made fun of the fact that instead of any of the available Fossil Pokemon across eight generations of Pokemon, Registeel is the star of the Fossil Cup.

This is because the Fossil Cup’s rules allow any Pokemon that has a Rock, Steel, or Water-type to participate, despite the name “Fossil” implying a heavier emphasis on Rock-type Pokemon.

Though it could technically make sense for Water-type Pokemon to be included, given the nature of real-world fossils of oceanic creatures, the inclusion of both Steel and Water-type Pokemon seems odd, especially when you look at how the type chart works.

Both Steel and Water-type Pokemon are 2x effective on the predominantly Rock-oriented Fossil Pokemon group, essentially rendering them useless in the Fossil Cup.

Pokemon Go players echoed the sentiment in the comments, with one user saying “They should just call it Steel, Rock, [and] Water league.”

“Forget about Rock though because no one is gonna use them. Using Rock is a disadvantage since it’s weak to both the other types. Such a stupid league,” said one player named ‘raadjl.’

While some trainers like Reddit user ‘DeadmanDT‘ claimed they “stuck to only using Fossil Pokemon” to keep with the spirit of the Fossil Cup, others noted the disadvantage that would pose, like ZmobieMrh who replied, “And my Ferrothorn thanks you.”

For now, players will just have to pick their poison between Season 11’s Master League or the Steel-type dominated Fossil Cup until June 22 rolls around.

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