Pokemon Go players are reporting issues with unique Malamar evolution method

Dylan Horetski
Twitter, PokemonGoApp

With the release of the Kalos region’s Inkay and Malamar, Pokemon Go players around the world have encountered an issue with the ‘mons unique evolution method. 

Since the announcement of Pokemon Go’s final season of 2021, Season Of Mischief, Pokemon masters have taken to the game to catch the mischievous legendary, Hoopa.

The second event of the season came with the release of the revolving ‘mon Inkay and the Overturning ‘mon, Malamar, which is also the final evolution of Inkay.

Unfortunately for some players, the ‘mons unique evolution method is proving to be troublesome.

Niantic / Pokemon go
Pokemon Go launched the Season of Mischief September 1, with Hoopa and Malamar being released shortly after.

Evolving Inkay to Malamar on Pokemon Go

Following the evolution technique from Pokemon’s main series games, Pokemon Go has enabled the ‘turn the device upside down‘ method in the game.

Unfortunately for some users on /r/TheSilphRoad and Twitter, it doesn’t seem to be working as planned.

“I have auto rotate on and Inkay still won’t evolve when my phone is upside down. I have enough candies and everything! Someone, please help!” One user reported on Reddit.

Another player voiced frustration on Twitter: “my phone is Samsung galaxy j7 I found 100% inkay but the screen doesn’t rotate and I can’t evolve.”

While Niantic has not responded to issues related to the evolution method at the time of writing, many on Reddit seemed to have figured out the issue already.

It seems as the developers may have forgotten about players using budget devices, as some of them do not come with a gyroscope to help the phone precisely tell what orientation it is in.

We hope Niantic addresses the issue soon, as it creates an issue for players who are eager to fill out their in-game Pokedex.