Pokemon Go players are not happy with Go Fest 2023 prices

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Following Niantic’s reveal of Pokemon Go Fest 2023 prices and locations, fans have expressed their frustration with the ticket prices and add-ons offered.

For those who may have missed the news, Niantic revealed the details surrounding Go Fest 2023 for both the Global and In-person events around the world.

Alongside the Global event, Pokemon Go will feature in-person events in New York City, London, and Osaka in August. The Global event tickets will cost players $15, while the tickets for in-person events will cost $30 without the early-bird discount.

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However, following the announcement players voiced their frustration about the ticket pricing and the add-ons offered for the in-person events.

Pokemon Go fans slam Go Fest 2023 ticket prices

A thread on the Pokemon Go subreddit sparked a discussion about the recent announcement, with the OP slamming Niantic’s practices during the reveal.

“Pre-selling Go Fest tickets earlier and more costly than ever with costly and previously included add is a ploy to pad their recent remote raid revenue hit,” they said, alluding to the thought that Remote Raid Pass boycotts may be affecting the company’s bottom line.

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They go on to say that they believe “the hope is that high price pre-selling will hide their immediate loss, enabling them to continue to ignore us.”

Many fans agreed with the OP and were frustrated with the lack of information and add-on prices. “Almost all these ‘add-ons’ are things they would also normally add in the normal ticket, but they’re trying to milk out every single dime they can from the players before the game just dies. I will not be purchasing a global Go Fest ticket this year.”

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Still, regardless of player sentiment, some poked holes in the theory that the way the reveal was handled was to cover up revenue loss. “Pretty sure they’d legally have to recognize the revenue when the event occurs and not when the cash is received. I’m not sure the theory really holds to be honest,” offered one fan.

Regardless of what Go Fest 2023 pricing means, trainers are certainly not happy with the way the ticket rollouts have been handled alongside the lack of information surrounding the events. For now, fans will just have to wait for Niantic to reveal more information surrounding Go Fest 2023.

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