Pokemon Go player slams Niantic after not receiving Easter Egg Rewards Prize

pokemon go niantic meet you out there thumbnailNiantic / The Pokemon Company

One Pokemon Go player is disappointed with Niantic, as he claims to have not received his runner-up reward package for the “Meet You Out There Easter Egg Hunt” event.

The post comes from the TheSilphRoad subreddit, which is a subreddit where Pokemon Go players can go to ask others for help about the game. The player detailed their experience with Niantic support, with the post slowly gaining traction with the community.

The mobile game developer held a promotional event surrounding a YouTube video posted back in December, which sprinkled in some hidden clues throughout.

Viewers who followed those clues were led to a Google Form, which entered them into a sweepstake to receive a physical prize box. However, the player in question claims to have gone through multiple hoops with Niantic support – to no avail.

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Pokemon Go player disappointed with Niantic Support

The post begins by explaining that in February, the Reddit user received an email informing him that the deadline to claim his prize was ending soon.

After claiming the prize, no follow-up emails were sent and the mail date for the sweepstake had passed.

Concerned, he reached out a month later on April 10 to find out what the issue was. He was apparently “forced to use the in-game support to contact Niantic,” as the support-related email address he tried did not return his messages.

Luckily, the next day he received an actual reply asking for proof that he won the contest, which he provided.

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The Reddit user then waited two days before emailing back to ask if there was any easier way to chat, but was met with a message reading, “We are still in the process of reviewing this. We will get back to you ASAP.”

Unfortunately for the Pokemon Go player, Niantic seemingly closed his inquiry the following day with no explanation provided.

The post goes on to mention several failed attempts at communicating with Niantic support, each ending in brief responses with no help provided.

Ultimately, this player claims to have spent over 3 months trying to resolve the issue and is fed up with the whole situation.

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“I no longer care about the contents of the package… Niantic has made it clear to me that they do not value their customers and player base as much as they claim.”

The comments on the post have echoed the sentiment that Niantic’s support is lackluster, with one commenter suggesting he should “try posting to Twitter” as it seems to be his only hope of Niantic actually seeing the response.

While Niantic undoubtedly gets many support cases from players each day, it would be a shame if this case was left completely unresolved as it is now.