Pokemon Go players refuse to return to game despite ‘mysterious’ gift from Niantic

Pokemon Go giftNiantic

Not even Niantic’s peace offering of a ‘mysterious’ gift can persuade Pokemon Go players to return to the game.

In recent weeks, Niantic has come under fire for several reasons. Most notably, the company increased the price of Remote Raid Passes from 100 Pokecoins to 195. This decision negatively impacted trainers’ Raid experiences, especially those disabled and/or living in rural communities.

In response to the cost adjustment, Pokemon Go users began to strike against Niantic. By joining hands, they established a Change.org petition with over 100k signatures. Amid their effort, Niantic attempted to bring lost players back with a gift.

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Pokemon Go players reject mysterious gift persuading them to return


Reddit user RebelSpeed posted an email they had received from Niantic on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The image shows that Niantic sent them an exclusive promo code to redeem in the next three days for a “mysterious gift.” RebelSpeed revealed that they still won’t return to Pokemon Go.

“The only email that will get me back is one that says they reverted the Remote Raid Pass changes,” LankyEmergency7992 wrote.

“If you are looking for a time to come back, now is not the time,” tis4tshirts remarked. “I was excited to hunt or hatch Larvesta, but I hear the odds of hatching one are ridiculously low. It seems that Niantic wants to make up all of the money they are losing from remote raids by sticking it to players that buy incubators.”

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As for the gift’s contents, add1ct3dd claimed they had obtained two Lucky Eggs and two Super Incubators. While others joked it may have contained one Pokeball and one Potion.

In the past, Niantic has never been considered a good gift-giver. To learn more about how the company rescinded its half-distance Candy offer, read our Sustainability Week dilemma article.

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