Pokemon Go player painting surprise rocks to hide during Seattle Go Fest events

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pokemon go painted rocks go fest

A Pokemon Go trainer is painting pocket monsters on rocks to hide during the Seattle Go Fest events this July, and if you’re lucky you may find one.

Niantic announced the data and times for Pokemon Go Fest: Seattle, and players are beyond excited for the massive in-person event taking place later this year.

There’s a lot to do to prepare for an event of this magnitude including stocking up on Pokeballs and berries, cleaning out Pokemon storage, and maybe training up a few Pokemon for raids.

But for one trainer, their preparation reaches outside their mobile device into the real world where they’re painting several Pokemon-themed rocks to hide during the festivities.

Geodude Headliner

Pokemon Go fan paints rocks for Go Fest

Reddit user SlayerAngelic posted about their Rock-type project to the Pokemon Go subreddit. Slayer showed a few palm-sized rocks they had decorated with hand-painted Pokemon.

The post read, “I’m painting some rocks to hide for people to find during the July Pokémon Go fest in Seattle. Here’s a couple I did today.” The rocks included Lavatar, Magnemite, Piplup, and more.

The plan, according to Slayer, is to hide them around Seattle Center during the Go Fest events from July 22 – 24. They made a point to note that the rocks aren’t hidden in places that are too hard to spot.

Hiding Pokemon rocks is somewhat of a tradition for SlayerAngelic as they mentioned they had hidden hand-painted rocks around Seattle last year.

If you’re in town for the event, you might be able to find one. And if you’re really lucky, you may be able to find one of the few Shiny painted Pokemon.

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