Free-to-play Pokémon Go trainer dreads inventory full of high-tier eggs

Pokemon Go eggs nianticNiantic

A free-to-play Pokemon Go player won’t give in to buying Egg Incubators despite their collection of high-tier Eggs.

Egg Incubators and Super Incubators cost 150 and 200 Pokecoins, respectively. The base and Super item break after three uses, but the latter hatches Eggs 33% faster than the standard Incubator. Alongside the Shop’s Incubators, trainers gain access to one orange Incubator that works infinitely.

Recently, Pokemon Go has become more challenging for free-to-play users – specifically from the Remote Raid Pass price increase. In this instance, a Pokemon trainer may be hatching Eggs for years without an Incubator from the Shop.

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A 12km Egg in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go player refuses to buy incubators for high-tier Eggs

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user JayKooSan posted a screenshot of his Egg inventory. The image depicts that the OP has eight 10km Eggs and four 12km Eggs. If hatched, the Pokemon would put the player above their 1000-party member limit. However, that’s not the problem at hand.

In the comment section, fellow Pokemon Go trainers suggested what JayKooSan could do without paying for Incubators.

“This is why I stock up on 2km eggs and just hatch the 12s in my bonus slots,” Dialgan wrote. “Easy to prepare for events where eggs actually become worth hatching.”

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Additionally, players complained about the ineffectiveness of Adventure Sync. “I take runs often and sometimes it feels like it’s counting double my steps, and most of the time it doesn’t count anything at all,” TimsHotFriend claimed.

Besides helpful advice, one user joked about what the OP could do. “Get an RC car and some heavy-duty adhesive strips. Some bungee cables even,” _Whiskey_6 said. “Then, secure the phone to the RC car and just drive it around! You’re having fun with RC car and hatching eggs!”

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