Pokemon Go player reaches level 47 in just seven months

One Pokemon Go player hit level 47 seven months after they started playing on the day of their sobriety journey.

Over two years ago, one Pokemon Go user became the first trainer in history to reach level 50 during a Twitch stream. The accomplishment occurred after Niantic raised the level cap from 40 to 50 in 2020. Since then, many players have achieved the significant milestone.

In this instance, one Pokemon Go player began playing the mobile game the same day they started their journey to sobriety. In just seven months, they managed to climb 47 levels, leading some to believe they had cheated.

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Pokemon Go trainer hits level 47 in just seven months

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user leahsero posted their accomplishment of reaching level 47 in just over half a year. The OP began playing Pokemon Go the day they embarked on their sobriety journey. In response to leahsero hitting the level so quickly, some fellow trainers accused them of cheating.

“The accusers are just jelly,” QuantumLifeform wrote. “I mean, I am too lol, I don’t have enough stops and gyms around to grind that fast. Congrats!”

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Other Pokemon Go players revealed that it took them years to gain that much experience. However, one fan pointed out how much easier it is now to level up compared to seven years ago.

“It is quick but for the people starting today, it is far easier if in the right place and location,” jackm315ter explained. “Anyone starting in 2016, it was a difficult game with no raids, no new Pokémon gyms, no community days, but now it is a different story.”

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Before landing at level 47, leahsero became level 43 in just four months. At that time, they had visited over 25,000 PokeStops, walked over 2.5k kilometers, and caught over 53,000 Pokemon.

Interested trainers can stay updated with leahsero’s journey on their Reddit account to find out when they reach level 50.

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