Pokemon Go player forced to change ‘inappropriate’ username after 6 years

Dylan Horetski
pokemon go inappropriate username
Unsplash: @bahnijitb, @ryansnaadt/Niantic

A Pokemon Go player has been forced to change their inappropriate username after a six-year run.

Since launching in June 2016, Pokemon Go has been one of the most played mobile games thanks to the franchise’s insane global popularity.

Players have had fun changing the name of their ‘mon, going as far as creating music-related name trends, and even figuring out what Pokemon is almost like a ‘Karen.’

However, on both Pokemon nicknames and Trainer’s names — the game censors out anything it would deem inappropriate. Reddit user Specter017 has learned this the hard way after the game forced them to change their name before they could continue playing.

Pokemon Go player forced to change his name

On March 2, Specter017 took to the Pokemon Go subreddit to tell other trainers how the game forced him to change his username from ‘CoktimusPrime,’ stating that someone had reported his account while playing.

His name is a reference to the character ‘Optimus Prime’ from the popular movie franchise Transformers.

He said: “Can’t believe this. After almost 6 years someone finally reported me. Day 1 player finally had to change my name. It was a good run.”

The trainer revealed that he was met with a message from Professor Willow, followed by a prompt giving him the opportunity to change his name.

The message said: “Hi, Trainer! There seems to be an issue with your nickname. Please choose a new one.”

Later on, Specter017 took to the comments to reveal that they were pretty angry at first and that they tried to change his name to ‘ImCoktimusPrime.’

Though, Niantic sent them an email stating that they must change the name again, risking a full ban if they tried another inappropriate one.

Not wanting to take the chance, the trainer ended up making their PoGo name the same as their Reddit name: Specter017.

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