Pokemon Go player encounters Jesus Christ at local gym

jesus christ and arceus

Gyms and Pokestops can often lead to humorous discoveries, and one player found Jesus Christ while visiting their local Pokemon Go Gym.

Religion isn’t an aspect of the Pokemon world that is discussed all that often, but traces of it can be found throughout the franchise. Arceus is believed to be the creator of the entire Pokemon Universe, playing a god-like role in the anime and games.

In the late 90s, a series of anime episodes featured the main cast celebrating the Christian Holiday of Christmas, which some could infer the existence of a “Christ-like” figure in the Pokemon Universe. But in the Holiday Hi-Jynx episode from 1998, it’s shown that the Holiday focuses more on Santa Claus and its secular elements.

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But thanks to Pokemon Go, real-world religions have found their way into the franchise, and one player has reported finding Jesus Christ at their favorite gym.

Wild Jesus appears at Pokemon Go gym

The encounter was reported by Reddit user prionosuchus_ who captioned their post, “Oh yes, my favorite pokemons: Gyarados, Snorlax, Chansey and Jesus.”

Accompanying the post was a screenshot of a Pokemon Go gym housing several Pokemon. But behind the Drudigon, as if they were a defender of the gym, was Jesus Christ nailed to a cross. But this must have been after he was stabbed by a Roman Soldier because he did not have life points above his head.

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The post’s comments then began to theory-craft what Jesus’s team would look like if he were a trainer in the Pokemon universe. Since Santa had a team of Stantler, one comment suggested he would have a Gurdurr as Jesus Christ was a carpenter.

Others stated that Jesus would be a Pokemon himself since he fits in the “Mythical” category, and even the creator of the Pokemon universe was a catchable Pokemon. OP stated they imagined the “Son of Arceus” would be a Ghost-type.

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