Pokemon Go player devastated when “glitch” turns out to be Zorua

Pokemon Go Rayquaza Shiny GlitchNiantic

A Pokemon Go trainer is let down when a Shiny Rayquaza “glitch” spawn isn’t what they hoped for. The letdown is one many players are bumping into.

Pokemon Go players spend a good deal of their gameplay looking for rare encounters. Some fans of the mobile app are on the hunt for every Shiny species currently in the game, while others are looking for perfect stat “hundos” through Raids and task reward encounters.

Some of the hardest prizes to score in Pokemon Go are Shiny Legendary species. Due to a constant rotation of featured Legendary and Mythical species, and the difficulty of encountering one as Shiny, it can be a real grind even for the most dedicated trainers.

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Because of this, any possible way to obtain a Shiny – even through glitches – is seen as a potential option for adding to a personal collection. However, one player who thought they hit a glitch jackpot was in for an unfortunate surprise.

Pokemon Go player finds Zorua disguised by glitch

In a post by user Bychancephotog on the Pokemon Go subreddit, the trainer shares a screenshot from their Pokemon Go gameplay. In the sky above their head, a Shiny Rayquaza circles, but a second Shiny can be seen spawned on the map near the trainer’s character.

The player states, “Today I learned what kind of pain and confusion Zorua can bring,” adding “All I saw was shiny Rayquaza on the map and my heart jumped. I hadn’t seen a Zorua before this so I assumed it was some amazing glitch” in the comments below.

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Unfortunately, many players are currently falling for the disguised Pokemon’s trick. Zorua was added to Pokemon Go in October of 2022 and appears as the player’s buddy when it spawns on the map. Those who weren’t playing when it debuted, or who aren’t aware of its mechanics, can be taken by surprise when they see a sudden rare spawn appear on their map.

Players in the comments empathize with the player, with one stating, “‘HOLY FU- oh right, Zorua.’ Basically my reaction every time.” and another adding, “My buddy is a Nincada since I’m trying to get more candy for a task, last night I saw one, excited I catched it. Zorua, I hate you sometimes.”

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While it can be easier to spot Zorua when sporting a Shiny as a buddy, as Shiny species don’t appear in the overworld, those with a common or standard Legendary Buddy in Pokemon Go may be more likely to fall for the disguised trick. It can be a frustrating encounter if players aren’t specifically looking for it.