Pokemon Go player decorates PokeStops with IRL ‘mons and fans love it

pokemon go totodile pokestopNiantic / The Pokemon Company

One Pokemon Go player has decided to decorate local PokeStops with painted rocks featuring Pokemon and the community loved it.

One of the main aspects of Pokemon Go is getting outside and exploring nearby locations in the real world to find PokeStops, Routes, and more.

With the mobile game being out for seven years now, many fans who’ve been playing this long may have even gotten familiar with other locale members of their community who play too.

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Now, one player has decided to liven up their local PokeStops by decorating them with painted rocks featuring iconic Pokemon and the community loved the idea.

Pokemon Go player decorates local PokeStops with art

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained attention from the community after one fan made a post titled, “To help with my mental health, I started painting rocks with Pokémon to leave at local PokeStops around my community.”

The OP attached a screenshot of their artwork to the post, which featured a beautifully painted Totodile on a large, bright yellow painted stone.

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The fan explained that they were going to use a sealant on the rock to protect the paint from the elements, paint their Pokemon Go username on the back of the rock, and leave a message for those who see it.

The post gained over 4,000 likes, with tons of players leaving positive feedback on the idea and the painted rock itself.

“That’s such a wonderful idea! I might just try this, thank you so much for sharing! I bet you bring a lot of joy to people,” said one fan.

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Another noted just how much finding a piece of art at a local PokeStop would brighten their day. “I would be so so so happy if I found this by a PokeStop! It’s so well done I’d be afraid someone leaving it was unintentional! This is so wholesome.”

Should Pokemon Go players find the experience to be a bit stale or just need a fun hobby to work on, livening up IRL PokeStops with pieces of art may just be the thing to reignite that spark.

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