Pokemon Go player does the impossible by completing Hoenn Shiny Dex

New Shiny Pokemon appearing during Go Tour HoennNiantic

One Pokemon Go player managed to do the unthinkable by collecting every Shiny Pokemon in the Hoenn region’s Pokedex.

During the Hoenn Tour event, the Shiny odds of Gen 3 Pokemon are boosted. This time, Niantic added the Shiny forms of Torkoal, Tropius, Relicanth, Gulpin, and Surskit. Nonetheless, some Shiny forms have been easier to obtain than others.

Lately, Pokemon Go users have yet to discover any of the new Shinies since the Hoenn Tour event ended. This information caused players to speculate that Niantic removed them from the game. However, one trainer defied all odds and completed the Shiny Hoenn Dex.

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How one Pokemon Go player completed the Shiny Hoenn Dex

Pokemon Go Hoenn Collection Challenge EventNiantic

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user ava_palindrome celebrated their Shiny Dex achievement. The mobile game trainer reportedly struggled throughout the Hoenn Tour event and traded for their needed Pokemon. ava_palindrome somehow finished the Masterwork Quest and completed Hoenn’s Shiny Dex.

“I am both impressed and horrified,” MisterPulley wrote.

“I hatched DOZENS of 10k eggs during Hoenn Tour and got two shiny Torkoals but nothing else,” General_Secura disappointedly remarked. “Tropius and Relicanth are gonna be a huge problem. It’s certainly not for lack of trying.”

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“How much money did you spend? Genuinely curious lol,” Ivanos2008 asked.

The lucky trainer admitted they “couldn’t even guess” how much money they spent on Pokemon Go. ava_palindrome had participated in every paid event except for Galar Mr. Mime, Togetic Community Day One, and the Go Fest that wasn’t in Chicago.

Additionally, the player finished ten in-person raids every raid hour and an undetermined amount of remote ones. ava_palindrome briefly played at the start of Pokemon Go but resumed the game after Squirtle Community Day.

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Despite the difficulty in finding the new Hoenn Shiny forms, Niantic has not confirmed whether they disabled the encounters. Until then, learn more about Pokemon Go’s Sustainability Week 2023 – which brings back Bounsweet and its evolutions.

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