Pokemon Go player celebrates 5 year anniversary with frustrating Special Research task

Pokemon Go Special Research tasksNiantic

A Pokemon Go player has found themselves in a long-term relationship with a Special Research task, pointing out a problem many fans are facing when it comes to completing specific requirements from past events.

Pokemon Go players are used to working towards long-term goals. Whether they have set out to catch every Shiny available in the mobile game or trying to reach level 50 through grinding XP, there is plenty to keep fans busy while exploring local areas and collecting new companions.

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Unfortunately, not all gameplay grinds are intended, and this can be a frustrating hurdle for many Pokemon Go enthusiasts. Special Research tasks from past events can be particularly difficult, from missing out on an event-specific spawn required in a task to simply not living in an area with enough access to locations like PokeStops in Gyms.

One Pokemon Go player has taken to social media, sharing their personal “anniversary” with a Special Research task, showcasing how serious a problem some of these tasks can be for certain trainers.

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Pokemon Go player is stuck with Aerodactyl task

In a Reddit post by NickBeezus on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the trainer states, “Almost my 5-year anniversary with this wonderful task (pls end me)”.

Aerodactyl is a rare spawn in Pokemon Go that is easiest to obtain from specific events or as a Field Research encounter reward. For those who don’t live near a spawn site or who don’t play during every event, catching this Pokemon can be a real challenge.

Players in the comments share their own Special Research task woes, with one stating, “Stuck on 3 more Gulpins or Slugma. I just got this task. I’m with you that I’m just going to sit on it for a while!” while another adds, “*laughs in catch a Ditto* I haven’t seen one since they added this research.”

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While many players point out that Aerodactyl has been featured in several events and does spawn in the wild, the task can still be challenging for those who don’t play Pokemon Go regularly or who are stuck in areas where event participation can be a challenge.

Thankfully, Aerodactyl is still available as a reward in the “Win 5 Raids” field research challenge. While the task is rare, the player could finally close the chapter with this particular Special Research task and move on to other opportunities.

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