Pokemon Go player blows minds with luckiest Shiny streak ever: “Buy a lottery ticket”

Pokemon Legends Arceus protagonist next to Pokemon Go Shiny Pokemon screenshot.Game Freak / Niantic

A Pokemon Go player stunned the community after having the luckiest Shiny streak ever in the Niantic title.

Ever since it made its debut in 1998’s Gold & Silver, the Shiny Pokemon mechanic has been a popular feature in the Game Freak series. Players will spend hours trying to hunt down the rare variant.

One Trainer floored the community after they were able to score multiple Shinies back-to-back in Pokemon Go. The fortunate fan had one of the best lucky streaks in the Niantic mobile game ever. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Machamp screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon Go player had the luckiest Shiny encounters ever.

Pokemon Go player has insane Shiny luck

While it’s not uncommon to catch multiple Shiny ‘mon during Community Days or special events, one player managed to score a handful of them within minutes of each other. 

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Go Trainer ‘Harjot1807’ shared their mind-blowing luck on the r/PokemonGo forum in a thread titled “5 shinies in less than 30 minutes my luck is insane.” The fan then uploaded a screenshot of their journal from the mobile title that showed the incredible feat. 

In the picture, the user caught a Shiny Lillipup and then a Shiny Ferroseed four minutes later. Incredibly, they then manage to find a Shiny Ledyba, Zubat, and a second Ferroseed within seconds of each other.


Pokemon fans reacted to the Trainer’s insane luck finding five shinies with awe, such as one user who wrote, “Buy a lottery ticket ASAP, your luck is through the roof right now.”

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Another Go player agreed and exclaimed, “Okay THIS is really INSANE! Congratulations.”

One comment even joked, “Since when is shiny charm in Pokemon Go a thing?”

Pokemon Go fans react to players insane Shiny encounter luck screenshot.

In a series of follow-up comments, the Go Trainer also confirmed that they had found all the Shiny Pokemon in the wild and was not the result of saving up multiple research rewards.

While there is some variance based on each species, the feat is all the more impressive considering most Shinies have a roughly 0.2% chance of appearing. The fact that the user scored five within 30 minutes is nothing short of incredible.