Pokemon Go Partner Research event: How to play & bonuses

Pokemon Go Partner ResearchNiantic

Niantic has revealed a new Pokemon Go event for trainers in Japan that is called ‘Partner Research.’ Here’s everything we know so far about what it is, and how it works. 

Since the release of Pokemon Go, the game’s developers have offered a neverending supply of events and gifts for trainers around the world.

Occasionally, those events and gifts are tied to a specific region. This is the case for the newly announced Pokemon Go Partner Research which will take place in three areas of Japan this coming April.

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This event is similar to Niantic’s previous promotional events, as they have partnered with various businesses to distribute rewards. Here’s everything we know about it, including the schedule and what Pokemon are included.

A poster for the Akala Adventure Special Research in Pokemon GoNiantic
These tasks will happen during the ongoing Season of Alola events.

How to play Pokemon Go Japan Partner Research

The Pokemon Go Japan Partner Research will begin on April 7, 2022, and you will have until Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 23:59 Japan time to clear the timed challenge tasks.

  • Sushiro – On April 7, 2022 trainers who purchase the target product at Sushiro will receive research with a focus on Litten, Spinda, Alolan Marowak, and Rockruff
  • Tully’s – On April 18, trainers who show an exclusive barcode from the Tullys app on their phone and spent 700 yen or more will receive research focusing on Rowlet, Lickitung, Alolan Muk, and Rockruff
  • Yoshinoya – On April 25, trainers who purchase 550 yen or more at the store and show the exclusive barcode will receive research focusing on Popplio, Audino, Alolan Raichu, and Rockruff

Once you receive the participation pass, you can redeem it on their website.

Partner Research rewards

At the time of writing, it’s unknown exactly what rewards you can receive while completing the tasks.

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However, According to the Pokemon Go Japan blog, you will receive 10,000 XP and 10,000 Stardust.

Will Niantic bring the event to other locations?

At the time of writing, Niantic has not confirmed whether or not they plan on bringing more events like other countries. However, those wanting to visit local events can check out our list. 

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