Pokemon Go Palkia Raid guide: Counters, weaknesses & moveset

Daniel Megarry
Pokemon Go Palkia

Palkia is one of the most powerful Legendaries in Pokemon Go. With the right counters to take advantage of its weaknesses, you’ll be able to defeat one of these 5-Star Raid bosses and add it to your Pokedex.

With the arrival of Ultra Unlock Part 2, which focuses on Space, the Sinnoh region’s Palkia is returning to 5-Star Raids to give Trainers another chance to catch one. Even better, this Legendary is making its Shiny debut, so you might get extra lucky!

Just like its fellow Gen 4 Legendary Dialga, who now rotates out of 5-Star Raids, the Dragon/Water-type Palkia is one of the best Pokemon you can use in the Go Battle League’s Master League, so it’s definitely worth the effort to catch one.


Pokemon Go palkia
Sinnoh region’s Legendary Palkia is returning to 5-Star Raids!

Palkia weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Palkia is a dual Water/Dragon-type, which means it’s only weak against Dragon and Fairy-types. This also means it’s resistant to Steel-types and double resistant against Fire and Water-types, so avoid them.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best counters to take into battle against Palkia for the best chance at victory in these 5-Star Raids.

Palkia counters in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move
Dialga Dragon Breath Draco Meteor
Pokemon Go Dialga Master League
Rayquaza Dragon Tail Outrage
Salamence Dragon Tail Draco Meteor
Zekrom Dragon Breath Outrage
Pokemon Go Zekrom Master League
Reshiram Dragon Breath Draco Meteor
Pokemon Go Reshiram
Dragonite Dragon Tail Outrage
Dragonite Pokemon Go Dex
Garchomp Dragon Tail Outrage
Gardevoir Charm Dazzling Gleam
Gardevoir Pokemon Go
Togekiss Charm Dazzling Gleam
Granbull Charm Play Rough

Palkia moveset in Pokemon Go

Palkia is capable of performing five moves as a Raid Boss, including Dragon, Fire, and Water-type moves. These potential moves are listed below:

  • Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Dragon Breath (Dragon)
  • Draco Meteor (Dragon)
  • Fire Blast (Fire)
  • Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Aqua Tail (Water)

How to catch Palkia in Pokemon Go

The only way to catch Palkia in Pokemon Go is to first defeat it in a Raid Battle. Palkia will appear in 5-Star Raids from Friday, August 6, 2021, at 10am until Friday, August 20, 2021, at 10am local time.

As a Raid Boss, Palkia will have a huge 54,793 CP so it’s recommended that you team up with at least five or six other Trainers with a set of strong counters to successfully take it down.

Palkia CP range

Palkia can be caught with a range of 2,190 to 2,280 CP. If it has a weather boost (Rainy or Windy), Palkia can be caught with a higher range of 2,737 to 2,850 CP.

Is Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Palkia Pokemon Go

Shiny Palkia is now available in Pokemon Go. It made its debut during the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event, so it’s a very new addition and not many Trainers will have one, which makes it very desirable.

As always, there’s no special method to catch a Shiny variation of Palkia. If it happens, it will be at random, so your best chance is to stock up on Raid Passes and battle as many Palkia as you can.

That’s everything you need to know about catching Palkia in Pokemon Go. For more tips and tricks to become the ultimate Trainer, check out our other Pokemon Go guides:

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