Pokemon Go nickname trend inspired by The Beatles & Nirvana goes viral

pokemon go the beatles nirvanaNiantic/The Beatles/Nirvana

A viral Reddit post has sparked a new musical nickname trend on Pokemon Go and its showcasing names from The Beatles, Nirvana, and more. 

Just like the main series of Pokemon games, Niantic gave trainers the ability to give their monsters a custom nickname within PoGo. Until the release of the more advanced tag sorting system, players used the nickname system to organize their collection.

This would often include a note for their battle stats, and sometimes even a marking for where they caught the Pokemon.

Thanks to a viral post on the game’s subreddit, trainers have started a new trend of nicknaming their monsters after their favorite musical artist with a special twist.

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Pokemon Go musical nickname trend

On December 20, /u/ConureCultist shared his own collection of musician-named Pokemon. He has created his entire collection out of the more rare, shiny variant of the creatures.

The user’s collection includes names like Rick Gastly for their shiny Gengar, Turt Cobain for their Turtwig, John Lemon for their yellow-colored shiny Sableye, and Ringo Skar for their Skarmory.

With over 3,000 upvotes on the post, it’s safe to say other users of the subreddit love his collection.

They’ve also recommended more unique names, like Pineco! At The Disco and Ledy BaBa.

Another user by name of u/Vulpes_macrotis also commented that they were surprised that someone else thought of the name ‘Eevee Wonder,’ as they thought they were the only one that has thought of it.

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ConureCultist also noted that he wants to find a shiny Meltan to name Meltan John, but it will take some time to achieve as Niantic only makes the shiny variant available during special events.

To some, the added difficulty of making the collection out of hard-to-find shiny Pokemon makes the trend that much more fun.