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Pokemon Go: Niantic reveal more ways to earn PokeCoins

Published: 6/May/2020 21:31

by Paul Cot


After years of relying on gyms for PokeCoins in Pokemon Go, Niantic have revealed new ways to earn the in-game currency.

The new system will initially go through a testing phase in Australia and it’ll be coming to all trainers afterwards. Here are some of the new PokeCoin earning activities you might come across:

  • Make an Excellent Throw
  • Evolve a Pokémon
  • Make a Great Throw
  • Use a Berry to help catch a Pokémon
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy
  • Catch a Pokémon
  • Power up a Pokémon
  • Make a Nice Throw
  • Transfer a Pokémon
  • Win a raid
Pokemon Go Shop Coins
PokeCoins can buy you various items from the Pokemon Go Shop including PokeBalls, various forms of berries and Raid Passes…

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Earn coins at home

“With more Trainers playing at home, we’re looking to provide more ways for you to earn PokéCoins while playing in one place,” the Pokemon Go blog stated. As of writing the only way to earn PokeCoins in the mobile game is by defeating other trainer’s Pokemon at gyms and defending it.


For every hour you defend a gym, you can earn 6 PokeCoins. The maximum you can earn in a day is 50, however, so anytime beyond 8 hours and 20 minutes won’t benefit your PokeCoin balance.

Maximum PokeCoin limit increased

As part of the new system, the maximum number of PokeCoins you can earn in a day is being increased to 55. Meanwhile you can still earn from defending gyms but this has been decreased to two an hour, a third of what it previously was. Each of the above tasks, though, when required, will earn you 5 PokeCoins each.

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It looks like these above tasks will be random and only generate coins when they are active – much like Field Research tasks. No further details were given but trainers will no doubt be excited by the news.


Additional ways to earn PokeCoins has been a much-requested feature in Pokemon Go over the years, and, finally, Niantic has given fans what they want!